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Nation founded by Cadman son of Brian in 367 IV




A' Soar, meaning "The Free", is a nation consisting out of 11 Hillfolk clans who left Fearann in 367 IV and formed a realm of their own. The nation is governed according to old Hillfolk traditions with a council of elders known as the Comharle that consists out of one representative per clan, known as a Triath. However, there has mainly due to economical problems and a general unwillingness to abandon old traditions been a decentralisation of governmental power, leading to a situation where each clan more or less behaves as a separate state, sharing a common interest of preserving the nation.

The lifestyle of the Asoari differ little from the life led by their ancestors in the Wild Hills. Each of the 11 clans claim a patch of land that they refer to as ancestral land, claimed by the same right as their forefathers claimed land in the Wild Hills - through conquest. Four of the most prominent clans have even established villages to support their growing population. The majority live by herding sheep and cattle as well as farming the land. Those wanting trade travel with their goods to the capitol Cadbaile, where merchants buy whatever the Hillfolk have produced and selling it with profit elsewhere.

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Economy is mainly based on livestock and agriculture, as well as hunting to some degree. The surplus is transported to Cadbaile, from where it is exported to Sanctia or Atalheim. The focus on preserving traditions, rather than on adapting their lifestyle to a more progressive one has led to a rather poor nation filled with simple and conservative inhabitants. The state treasury is even poorer, since the freedom of taxation found in the nation's constitution has led to few sources of income, which in turn has been a part of the decentralised government where power lies with each clan, who are expected to support their own warriors and provide for their own members.


A short constitution was written by Cadman in 367 IV. It details the rights, duties and laws of the A' Soar, and it has been in force without revision ever since.


  • 1. Defend the homeland: All people of 16 years and above are required to carry and train with weapons. Twenty warriors per clan will be made avaliable for garrison duty. In case of war, every able man and woman is expected to join the army.


  • 2. Freedom from taxation: No tax will be collected from the people of A' Soar, and no tax will be collected on goods from the A' Soar.
  • 3. Representation: Every man and woman is represented by a council-member, the Triath, who is required to work in the best intrest of his or her clan. The Triath is appointed by a majority vote of the clan.
  • 4. Freedom of expression: Any citizen of the age 16 and older can bring a subject up to the council for discussion and if need be, a vote. There will be no persecution of anyone speaking their mind.

Banned faiths:

  • 5. Garagor, Glurak , God-Lich


The constitution states that each clan must make twenty warriors available for garrison duty, a practice that was abandoned already in the end of the 4th century. Each clan is responsible for defending their own territory today, which is organised in various manners depending on the clan in question. In times of war, all men and women of ages 16 and above are expected to take up arms and defend the nation. The gathering of the Hillfolk host is known as the Sluagh and it would number more than 30.000 warriors.

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Quite a few deities have gained a foothold in A' Soar, with the difference that the level of devotion compared to some other locations in Charun is less enthusiastic. It seems that the Hillfolk pray when it suits them and their agendas. The most prominent objects of worship found there are Lir'diaadh, Bhaaru, various ancestral sprits and even the nature itself.

Even though the constitution bans the faiths of Garagor, Glurak and the God-Lich, it's an entry more or less ignored today. It is considered irrelevant and based on a situation of faiths that doesn't exist anymore.


A' Soar, meaning "The Free", was born when 11 Hill Folk clans under the leadership of Cadman son of Brian broke free from Fearann in 367 IV. A agreement with Narghal through the Treaty of Ancestors had been accepted by the majority of the Fearann elders, and those breaking free saw the terms as unacceptable.

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Population: 52.000, each of the 11 clans have 3000-7000 members.

Army: All able men and women are expected to take up arms during times of war.

Government form: Decentraliced Gerontocracy, leaning towards Tribalism.

Current Ruler: The Comhairle

Demographics: Hillfolk 96%, Other 4%


Heraldry: Green and white. The A┬┤soar flag is green, which is the traditional Hillfolk colour, with eleven white triangles in a circle representing the eleven clans of the nation.

Natural Resources: Sheep, poultry, barley, wheat, rye, field vegetables, potatoes.

Manufactured Goods: Most of the manufacutred items are made to be used by the population, and not traded with.

Wealth: Low

Allies: Atalheim

Enemies: Fearann, Ash'arinn

Religion: Various

Illegal Deities: None

Climate: Temperate

Terrain: Hills and Plains

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