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The Frostmaiden

Said to be the creator of both frost giants and winter wolves, this callous Goddess is the embodiment of fortitude and surviving harsh conditions. Airi is believed to live in a realm where winter reigns for an eternity and the cold is lethal for all mortals.

Mythology: The Tale of Airi and Giardain

Airi, The Frostmaiden
Airi, The Frostmaiden



Fortitude (Endurance, toughness, survival, solitude, cold, winter)

Status in the Fourth Age

Airi has retained her status in the Northlands as the embodiment of the north, although Ferael has gained some ground within the field of dangers offered by the freezing region. Especially the Clandur and Giron have replaced Airi with Ferael as the perilous force found in the wild, probably since they do not worship neither of them, only recognising their more harmful sides. Very few, if any followers of Airi are found south of the Snowy Peaks.


There are few ways of actively worshipping the Frostmaiden, since one can not please her on purpose, instead one must avoid angering her. Airi looks down on weakness and complaining. All hardships should be taken with the chin up. From time to time she puts her followers to test with seemingly impossible set-backs and misfortune, letting those that show signs of weakness die and rewarding those that keep on trying to survive her trial.

No holy days are associated with Airi. Her followers believe that each and every moment of hardship is when they are the closest to their deity.


Airi's followers are often those that live in extreme and cold climates, needing the strength incarnated by her in order to survive. The majority are found among the Northmen and Hrafnir.

Associated Creatures

Wolf, Wolverine/Frost Giant, Winter Wolf


The priests of Airi usually seek solitude out in the wild, making the places of worship a trial by it self to reach. The priesthood wear garments of white and blue. Many are former barbarians or possess the skills of a ranger due to their stay in the wilderness.

Her priests are not organised through any means, nor is there a hierarchy ranking her devotees.


Major Domain: Airi
Minor Domains: Solitude, Winter

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White, Blue

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