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5195 II - 340 III

Niematharin painting of Aluanor
Niematharin painting of Aluanor

Founder of Green Glade

Aluanor was the grandchild of Aetheas, one of the most legendary of Niematharin heroes, and a great champion in his own right. He led his kin during the event elves refer to as "betrayal of man" that led to the Trail of Blood. He organised the retreat to what was to become Green Glade, both protecting and inspiring the refugees. Niematharin legends say that without Aluanor, the Niematharin would have perished.

Aluanor became the first king of Green Glade with his wife Elinia becoming the queen. The couple ruled until 340 III, when Aluanor was killed during a campaign against the dragons of Wyrmwood. Eaririloth, the current King of Green Glade, is the grandchild of Aluanor.

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