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879 III - 65 IV

(Character played by SCIkick during the NWN1 installement of WoC)


Founder of the Brightstar Company

As a Kurashi descendant to the Necharamians of the Second Age, Amunhet was raised on the terrible legends of the risen dead found in the southern deserts. The stories made such an impression on him that he decided to pursue the path of a priest in the church of Giardain, a god that despised unlife and a faith that gave him the tools to battle the undead.

During a pilgrimage in 903 III to the Giardain temple of Teardrop in Elmwood, he found himself liking the settlement and decided to stay there for the time being. With the nation of Elmwood being a centre of adventurers in the end of the Third Age, he quickly found like-minded friends with whom he both defended the nation against threats, as well as sought great sources of evil with the objective of removing them from the face of Charun.

Amunhet is perhaps most well-known for being the founding father of the Brightstar Company, an organisation sworn to protect Elmwood and the surrounding lands from evil. He did, however, participate in many legendary adventures.

There are two sides to every coin though. The priest was sentenced to lifetime in prison on the Three Isles for siding with a group of Ulutharin in a skirmish against Isles soldiers. He maintained throughout the trial that he only tried to steer the encounter from reaching bloodshed. After been imprisoned for 8 months, he was finally set free through a violent rescue. A group of his friends broke into the prison, fought their way down, killed the warden and set the prioner free. Frago "The Great" Farrowbar, wanted for several crimes on the Isles, was the only one identified. Some claim that the Mórail ranger Elendil was one of the three, but that has not been confirmed. The third person was a hooded Half-Man wizard, fitting the description of the very same person that has been seen taking part in similar actions on the Isles in the past. Rumours claim that it was Rasin Lightfeet. Three dozen guards, along with a few priests of Garagor and Haerian were slain during the escape.

Amunhet partook in the War of Elmwood, where he was in the group of nine that eliminated the Mogaroth Dragonlord seizing the capital. He was also among those who slayed the powerful and feared vampire Zelkheir, who dwelled in an invisible tower in the Forest of Shadows. He fought against Abbadon and his forces in the Niematharin Stand that would eventually unleash the Cataclysm and end the Third Age.

Amunhet belonged to the few who survived the Cataclysm. The aftermath of the disaster was, however, of such magnitude that he became disillusioned, wandering Charun for years, offering help to those in need. He returned finally to his old friends Ruxellius de Larmenius and Eothewar Eletheas in the newly born nation of Sanctia, where he founded the local temple of Giardain. He died out of old age in 65 IV, and was buried in the very temple he founded.

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