Arathion Brightblade

From World of Charun

333 - 362 IV

PC played by Wulffolk, later of NPC status

Arathion with the holy sword Deveshdas
Arathion with the holy sword Deveshdas

Knight of Brunir

Born and raised in the Niematharin realm of Green Glade, Arathion - or Arath as she was known among her friends, spent her childhood in a safe and secluded enviroment. Her mother, with the vast knowledge she accumulated as a sage, saw to Arath's formal education. However, it was the twins Niathia and Niathar, older sister and brother of Arath, who taught her the ways of the wilderness and survival. The traditional way of the bow and arrow was taught to Arath by her father, Alnathilas, a master bowyer of Green Glade. But it was a human, Sir Braden Theobald, that taught her to handle a sword and shield.

Sir Braden was one of the few humans at the time allowed to reside in Green Glade. He had gained the favour of the Niematharin when he aided their warriors in a skirmish against a band of Dazak. Sir Braden was a knight and he inspired Arath to embrace the faith of Brunir and they grew to be close friends. Sir Braden died in 352 IV , sacrificing his life in defense of the woodland realm. This led to Arath leaving Green Glade the year after with the goal of to travelling to Larmenius and then to Trade Town to return the remains and possessions the knight to the Church and his family.

Arrival to the Old Land

Soon after accomplishing her quest, Arath was drawn into the recovery of a Brunite artifact for the Church. It was during this trial of faith and moral character that she felt the Calling of Brunir to serve as His holy warrior. She had never thought that Brunir would notice her, but there was no doubt in her. Arath answered her Calling and decided to remain in the Old Land, with the goal of being true to herself and the faith that Sir Braden had instilled in her.

The Old Land proved to hold much work for a holy warrior of Brunir. She joined the Hillfolk in a decissive battle against the Dhazzir, aiming to conquer more territory. Arath was also asked by the Sanctian Church of Brunir to investigate in the deaths of Brunite pilgrims, a task that led to her and her companions to killing a dragon residing in Stinky Swamp. It was during one of these quests of faith that Arath discovered the broken shards of a holy sword, Deveshdas. The legend claims that after researching the sword's background, she helped to arrange for the blade to be reforged by a celestial being from the Hallowed Halls. It was after that she was deemed worthy to carry Deveshdas in service to Brunir, and the sword rested by her side ever since.

Over the years she became much less the naively innocent young maiden, becoming slightly more worldly in her experience. Her actions were still determined by her heart more often than her head, guided by compassion tempered by the responsibility to judge what best serves her faith. She began to accept her role as a leader, an example for others to follow, and had a new sense of confidence based on the respect that her reputation has started to earn for her.

Final Years and Death

In 362 IV she decided to invest in the fortification of Teardrop - a settlement ruined by the Cataclysm. She agreed with Tyren Darkstar, a priest of Brunir, that it would prove a suitable location for a sanctuary that shall protect the Old Land and it's people from the incursions of the many foes that covet the lands of men.

A conflict rising that year with Teardrop and Nyhavn on one side, and Shadowhold on the other, later claimed her life. On the 21st of Zurkah she accompanied Randvar Leikrson, Tyren Darkstar and a few other allies to Shadowhold in an attempt to rescue Randvar's wife that was held captive there. She was killed in the attack, with the body being disposed of by her advesaries.

Her corpse was later retreived and buried in Teardrop.

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