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Mage experimenting
Mage experimenting

The arcane guild was a gathering of wizards, all focused on developing their powers within the art of magic. They offered services such as crafting of magic items, brewing potions, sage craft, advice regarding arcane matters, retaining components and in rare cases protection. The most powerful members formed a council and their opinions were valued highly by the officials of Elmwood. They were the most influential guild in Elmwood, making their voice heard all the way to the rulers of the land.


Birth: 603 III
End: 906 III
Founder: A gathering of mages
Members: 40+
Purpose: Development within the arcane arts and offer knowledge to those in need.
Last Leader: Guild Master Simporius “Simppo” Stuxozuhou
Head Quarters: Elmwood Keep
Area of Operation: Mainly the nation of Elmwood. In some cases missions took them aborad.
Symbol: A staff of the Arcane Guild and a ring, that varied in appearance depending on their ranking within the guild.


Mages were for long eyed upon with suspicion in Elmwood, regarded as strange people with strange powers. Their often haggard looks and pale faces did not exactly improve their reputation amongst the common folk used to bodily labour out in the fields. This isolated the mages, who automatically sought each others company and in 603 III they officially formed a guild, The Arcane Guild of Elmwood.

Many commoners were horrified. They could not understand how the Chancellor could allow the mages to organise themselves. Some decided to take matters in their own hands, and regular beatings of mages began occurring at late hours in the keep. Those caught and sent to jail were hailed as heroes and martyrs.

Things got even worse a year after in 604 III when a huge meteor stuck the crossroads west of Borderwood, creating the Big Pit. Some accused the Arcane Guild of being responsible and claimed that they had aimed for the Borderwood outpost, missing their target just by a few hundred yards. Few mages dared to walk the streets of Elmwood alone after that, even in daylight. It even happened that guardsmen turned their heads when a poor mage was caught and beaten by a mob. The guild forbid their members from using violence to counter the ignorance of their attackers and as a result of that, invisibility spells became the far most popular spell amongst the mages during the following years.

The mages of the guild had it very tough until 633 III when the Great Dhazzir War erupted. The Arcane Guild of Elmwood supplied the forces of Elmwood with skilled mages who often turned defeat to victory through their spells. Many of them died heroic deaths, while others returned as champions. The view of the common folk turned from fearful hatred to admiration and respect towards the guild and its members. When the war ended in 634 III, the Arcane Guild had become an influential group of respected individuals.

The guild fought bravely in the various wars raging in the region, especially under the last guild master Simppo, a grass gnome wizard of great power. The majority of the wizards were killed in 906 III, in the War of Elmwood, when a large force from Mogaroth seized Elmwood Keep, which was the end of the guild.

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