Ardain Moloth

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5945 II -
Vampire King Ardain Moloth
Vampire King Ardain Moloth

Vampire King of Narghal

The Moloth bloodline ruled Narghal since its founding in 5563 II and it was the same royal family that brought it to its end in 5976 II. Ardain Moloth had possessed the throne for 3 years when he was infected with vampirism - a fact he managed to keep a secret until his host of undead was large enough to launch an attack on the nation and conquer it.

Ardain Moloth still holds the throne of Narghal, nearly one and a half millenia later. He governs his nation of vampires from the royal castle that has degenerated along with rest of the realm, due undead do not view beauty with the eyes of the living. However, the king himself is said to still be as beautiful as he was in life, while his sanity is rumoured to have diminished with the passing of the centuries. The mind of a mortal man is not meant for an eternal existence without suffering in health - not even that of a vampire's.

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