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The Armed Forces were both the army and police combined. The soldiers, or Guardsmen as they were called, upheld the laws and regulations within the borders of Elmwood and protected the nation from foreign threats. They were known for their courage and fighting-spirit, even when facing overwhelming odds.

The Guardsmen swore allegiance to the Nation of Elmwood, the people of Elmwood and the Chancellor of Elmwood.

If a Guardsman misbehaved, broke the law or acted inappropriate, he or she was stripped from all authority and dismissed from the Armed Forces, never allowed to return.


Birth: 436 III
End: 910 III
Founder: Sir Duncan, the first Chancellor of Elmwood
Members: 2500
Purpose: Defend the nation of Elmwood and uphold the law.
Leader: The Major of the Armed Forces who anwered to the Chancellor of Elmwood.
Head Quarters: Elmwood Keep
Area of Operation: Nation of Elmwood
Symbol: The heraldic shield of Elmwood and the GuardsmanĀ“s badge.


The Armed Forces were founded in 436 III by Sir Duncan, the first Chancellor of Elmwood. At fist they consisted of a crowd of local farmers proficient with clubs and scythes, later becoming a disciplined organisation consisting of skilled soldiers.

Elmwood was dissolved on hte 28th of Thilian 910 III due to a plot by the Church of Garagor, who manoeuvred their own candidate into power. Soon thereafter the nation was announced to be no more, and a Barony bearing the name of the man in power, Stern, was formed out of the keep. The rest of the region formed various city-states. The Armed Forces ceased to exist with the nation of Elmwood. Some of the guardsmen remained in service of the Barony, while others sought service in Brunir's Cross or in Teardrop village.

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