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The crown of Atalheim is inherited by the eldest child, who is crowned the monarch of the realm upon the death, or abdicaton of the predecessor. When wed, the consort shares the monarch's rank and holds the title of king or queen, and a coronation is held during the wedding ceremony. The consort then shares the monarch's political and military powers, until the death of the regant, upon which the crown is passed on to the eldest child. If there are no children upon the death of the regant, the crown is passed to the eldest next in kin.

The royal wedding is usually performed by the King of Ulvhavn, which has been a tradition since King Eirikur wed Randvar and Kathleen, the first King and Queen of Atalheim. The practice still remains today, and is considered important out of both a political and ceremonial purpose. The Coronation is performed by the Skald of Saghalla.

The royal regalia of Atalheim include:

  • The Monarch's Crown and the Consort's Crown.
  • Hjorvaldur and Hjorhildur, swords presented as wedding gifts by King Eirikur of Ulvhavn to Randvar and Kathleen, the first King and Queen of Atalheim.
  • The King's and the Queen's Armour, given as a wedding gift to King Ulfar II in the year 810 IV by King Durel of Sanctia.

MONARCH Birth Death Reign
King "First King" Randvar 330 IV 391 IV 364 - 391 IV
Queen Frithr 364 IV 453 IV 391 - 431 IV
King Anvar 404 IV 465 IV 431 - 459 IV
King Gunvar 435 IV 504 IV 459 - 504 IV
Queen Kathild 470 IV 543 IV 504-543 IV
King Ulfar 493 IV 551 IV 543 - 551 IV
Queen Frita 525 IV 601 IV 551 - 601 IV
King Randvar II 550 IV 603 IV 601 - 603 IV
King "Old King" Grimar 586 IV 687 IV 603 - 683 IV
King Anvar II 625 IV 698 IV 683 - 698 IV
Queen Kathild II 688 IV 722 IV 698 - 720 IV
King "Boy King" Gunvar II 720 IV 802 IV 720 - 802 IV
King Ulfar II 755 IV 824 IV 802 - 824 IV
King Randvar III 788 IV 862 IV 824 - 862 IV
King Gunvar III 820 IV 863 IV 862 - 863 IV
King "Mad King" Anvar III 851 IV 935 IV 863 - 904 IV
Queen Frithr II 870 IV 951 IV 904 - 951 IV
Queen Kathild II 899 IV 974 IV 951 - 974 IV
Queen "Thrice Queen" Frita II 922 IV 1001 IV 974 - 1001 IV
King Randvar IV 948 IV 1006 IV 1001 - 1006 IV
King "Warrior King" Grimar II 971 IV 1056 IV 1006 - 1056 IV
King Gunvar IV 1002 IV 1057 IV 1056 - 1057 IV
Queen Tindra 1038 IV - 1057 IV - ongoing

Notable Monarchs

King Randvar, Reign 364 - 391 IV
The founder and first king of Atalheim, King Randvar is a sacred and mythical figure with a faith and following of his own. His bloodline has ruled the nation ever since it's founding.

King Grimar, Reign 603 - 683 IV
Known as the "Old King", Grimar lived to the venerable age of 101 and reigned for 80 years. Poisoning was suspected to be the cause of his death, due the king had been in exceptionally good form the day before. Conspirators pointed at his son, Anvar II, who at the time had reached the age of 58 and was known to have grown impatient over the years while waiting for the crown. The accusations were, however, dismissed.

King Gunvar II, Reign 720 - 802 IV
Queen Kathild II and King Aegil suffered an attack from a large Urman warparty when on their way to Randsala in 720 IV, in which the king was slain and Queen Kathild II dealt a severe headwound which she never recovered from. Their son Gunvar II, an infant at the time was luckily spared in the attack. Due to the condition of his mother, the queen, Gunvar II was crowned at the tender age of 7 months to the King of Atalheim, and was from there on known as the Boy King, which was a source of several jokes later on, since Gunvar grew to a towering warrior upon reaching adulthood. He is the king who has had to longest reign in the history of Atalheim, surpassing that of his great grandfathers with two years.

King Gunvar III, Reign 862 - 863 IV
One of the most beloved monarchs of Atalheim, King Gunvar III was the epitome of an Atlir; tall, broad-chested and with ashen-blond hair, not unlike that of Randvar, the First King. The nation fell into grief when the king, merely a year after his coronation, suffered a shipwreck and drowned on a diplomatic mission to the Three Isles. His wife, Queen Loda, went mad out of grief and threw herself from the highest tower of the royal castle, leaving their twelve year old son, Anvar III, in rule.

King Anvar III, Reign 863 - 904 IV
The years during King Anvar III:s reign are said to be the most terrible in Atalheim's history. He was crowned at the age of twelve, after his father's death and his mother's suicide. It is said that he displayed a sickness of the mind soon after reaching his teens, a condition that many claimed he had inherited from his mother, Queen Loda. During his 41 years upon the throne, Anvar III shut down and reopened the Academy 11 times, he executed 6 of his closest advisors and is suspected of having poisoned three of his wifes before they bore him any children. His fourth wife, Queen Disa, faced the same premature death, but not until having given birth to a daughter, Frithr II. A secret network within the royal castle managed to persuade the mad king and the queen of that Frithr had been stillborn, all while the infant was taken to safety in the village of Kauping. King Anvar III, now know as the Mad King, was finally removed from the throne by the same secret network in 904 IV and sent to a secret asylum in the nation, where he would succumb deeper into his insanity until his death in 935 IV. Frithr II was introduced again to the nation and crowned the queen.

Queen Frita II, Reign 974 - 1001 IV
Known as Thrice Queen, Frita II is the only case where the monarchs of Atalheim have considted of queens three times in a row.

King Grimar II, Reign 1006 - 1056 IV
It was said that King Grimar II was as unyielding and uncompromising as Randvar, the First King. He practiced quick, if not immediate retaliation against raiding natives, Buccaneers and others wronging the nation or its people, which earned him the "Warrior King" name among the Atlir. Being a skilled swordsman, King Grimar II prefered to lead from the frontline, often engaging in vengeful raids into Talewood (foolish measures according to many).

King Gunvar IV, Reign 1056 - 1057 IV
King Gunvar IV and his wife, Queen Rebecka, were killed merely a year after the coronation in the earthquake caused by the eruption of Lord's Hill on the 8th of Giarda, when the tower they sought shelter in collapsed. 80% of Dagandal's 130.000 inhabitants died in the catastrophy. He was for his cautious and sensible rule, which was quite the contrary to his father the "Warrior King". He and his wife have two children; Princess Tindra, born in 1038 IV, and Prince Ulfar III, born in 1041 IV.

Queen Tindra, Reign 1057 IV - Ongoing
Queen Tindra was crowned the monarch of Atalheim at the age of 19, when her parents were killed in the eruption of Lord's Hill. Known for her temper and impulsiveness, she is often compared to her grandfather, the "Warrior King".

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