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340 IV - ?

PC played by Juhanin


The Vigilante

Little is known about the mage Bahira, with most of the information available being based on non-confirmed rumours. It is believed that she was a slave in one of the Umair cities, due to her passionate hatred of slavery. Some claim that she must have been a slave to a mage, and that she managed to teach herself the art secretly from his books, since learning magic is something done over the years. Her skills in magic could have eventually made her escape possible. It is believed that she spent a few years in Bardum before arriving to the Old Land in Hedon 361 IV.

Bahira was described as unpredictable and impulsive, often using all means available to destroy slavery and what she considered evil - things she seemed to hate more than anything. Breaking the law in order to achieve her goals never stopped her, as long as it wasn't a question about immoral deeds. Even though very secretive, unpredictable and often using disguises when travelling, she was described by her friends as a genuinely nice person who wanted people to be happy and enjoy their lives.

The Old Land

After her arrival to the Old Land, she soon found comrades that shared her despise of evil. She was a relentless opponent to the Eagle's Ruin organisation that aimed to conquer the better parts of the Old Land, and she had more than once sided with Randvar Leikrson against other threats towards the Old Land and it's people.

She established an organisation, the Chainless, in Bardum in 365 IV that was made up out of freed slaves with the aim of battling the corruption that raged in the city. The Chainless have thrived on ever since.

As the years went by, people claim that Bahira changed. Her views on human society went from bad to worse as she witnessed over and over the corruption and greed that festered in them. She began vanishing for longer and longer periods, and the last known occasion that she paid her friends in the Old Land a visit was in 370 IV when she was seen with King Randvar and Queen Kathleen in Atalheim. After her departure, she was never heard from again.


King Randvar, Queen Kathleen and Cadman were overheard discussing Bahira during Cadman's 50th birthday feast in 390 IV - two decades after her dissapearence. It is said that they talked about her persistance in her pursuit of knowledge, and that she had regarded the greatest secrets of all being storaged away in the libraries of Narghal, such as the technique of forging Second Age steel, the formulaes of item enchantment and other powerful arcane and divine rituals. Perhaps that is the source of the legend claiming that Bahira entered Narghal some time in the early 370s in pursuit of knowledge, and that she never left.

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