Battle of Blood Valley

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The final battle that ended the Old Land Stand war took place in a formerly unnamed valley on the 28th of Saindar 364 IV when the Old Land defenders led by Randvar Leikrson and Cadman encountered the Kanjite army 10 km south of Trade Town. It was a decissive moment. Should they evade the army, or engage them? The foe counted nearly 1200 soldiers, with large elite units, while they numbered just over 150 warriors. The decission for battle was taken.

In the following battle, named the Battle of Blood Valley, 122 hillmen and nearly 600 Kanjite lost their lives, among which two Hatriya commanders, several vipra-priests and Subedar units. Several of the volunteers that counted many famed and powerful adventurers of the Old Land, barely escaped death. With most of the defenders critically wounded, they were finally forced to retreat south into the hills, leaving a sea of blood and mountainous heaps of bodies behind them.

The Kanjite left all their fallen behind and pushed onward towards the south. The hunger, lack of sleep and all the wounded hampered them, making them travel at half their normal speed. They reached the shore just east of the Sanctian border 16 hours later, leaving a trail of dead behind them who had not been able to surivive the hellish march. A number of Kanjite ships had arrived to fetch them, having sailed from their position at the Kanjite defense line.

The day after, the Kanjite left the Western Lands and the Old Land Stand was over.


The Defenders of the Old Land

General: Cadman and Randvar Leikrson
Troops: 120 veteran Hillmen and roughly 20 volunteers.


The defenders held a narrow passage inbetween a river and a cliff, where they had positioned warriors shoulder by shoulder to hold the front, while archers and spellcasters had occupied higher ground behind them.

The Royal Army of Kanjo

General: High Commander Mandhatri (not present)
Troops: 1150 soldiers


The Kanjite were heavily strained by hunger and lack of sleep, which in combination with the terrain made them fight differently from their traditional ways.


The battle saw the Old Land defenders face overwhelming odds, but terrain and a strong composition of powerful volunteers swayed the outcome to their advantage. Even though the Old Land defenders suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat, the battle is considered a victory for them. The Kanjite losses in combination with their inability to provide for their tropps ended the war.


  • The Hill Folk: 33 survivors out of 155. All survivors were veteran warriors.
  • All volunteers survived, even though the majority were critically wounded.

Royal Army

  • The Royal Army: 553 survivors out of 1150. With the confusion, hunger and lack of sleep, the divisions were not fighting traditionally, leading to casualties being spread across divisions.


  • The Defenders: 122 casualties.
  • Royal Army: 597 casualties, out of which 2 Hatriya Commanders, 50 elite Subedar Bodyguards and 4 Vipra-Battle priests.

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