Battle of Cliffside

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Battle of Cliffside
Battle of Cliffside

The war know as the Old Land Stand held many legendary skirmishes and battles, among them the Battle of Cliffside. It was the first real clash between the invading Kanjites and the defenders of the Old Land.

A force of adventurers was led by Randvar Leikrson on the 16th of Hedon 364 IV towards the area claimed by the Kanjite in south eastern Cross Fields. After failing to approach the Kanjite fort located in it without detection, they were faced with the decission of whether or not to attack a fort prepared for their arrival.

The fort held at that moment more than half of the 34th Division of the Royal Army: 6 Sepoy Units, totalling 180 soldiers, as well as the Divisional Commander, 10 of his Subedar bodyguards and a Vipra battle-priest.

Along Randvar's side was Lord Tyren Darkstar, Coalan LocAmon, Vasa Sigers, Mutaz Numair, Leena Feaf, Fredric, Aeowetha of House Aloel, Aelios, Jake Maggot, Loiza Cuitari, Ruvat Darathain, Sigmundr Hjorvers and Barsak.

The Kanjite force was thus outnumbering the defenders of the Old Land by nearly 20 to 1.

The adventurers showed great courage, or some would say folly, when they decided to advance towards the alerted fort. They were soon greeted by a force of two Sepoy Units leaving the fort, totalling 60 soldiers aiming to put a stop to their advancement. The first clash was violent, but the adventurers succeeded with defeating the Kanjite. With a heightened morale, they rushed towards the fort that was located in Cliffside valley.

80 infantry men, 40 archers, 6 officers and 10 subedar guards met their charge with equal ferocity - led by the Divisional Commander and Vipra Battle-Priest. The following battle is as legendary, as it was brutal, bloody and unbelievable considering the odds. The bold 14 dug their heels in and were litterally buried under Kanjite forces aiming to end their lives, as they fought with all the might they could muster. Nearly an hour later, as the battle was thought to be over, the two remaining Sepoy units of the 34th Division arrived to the fort from inland, nearly destroying the by now weakened adventurers. Through luck and courage, they were able to overcome and defeat the remaints of the division, destroying it till the last man in what is known as the Battle of Cliffside.

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