Battle of Dun Craig

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Cadman, General of the Defenders
Cadman, General of the Defenders

A decissive battle in the Old Land Stand war was that of Dun Craig. Six full divisions of the Royal Army of Kanjo were marching northward and the defenders felt compelled to put a stop to the invading force, or at least inflict as much damage as possible to it. It was decided that the hills near the ruin of Dun Craig, located in between Talewood and the Feral Fen, were well fit for the purpose.

Cadman, Commander of the Hill Folk host, had been given the mandate by their council of elders to gather the Sluagh - an assembly of every able man and woman among the Hill Folk. This was the core force of the defenders, and it counted just over 1000 warriors, out of which roughly half were elderly or much too young. There were in other words 500 elite warriors among the Hillmen. In addition there were 15 Northmen fighting alongside their lord, Randvar Leikrson, as well as 40 Mórail allies and a large number of volunteering adventurers. Cadman decided to hold 150 elite hillmen warriors out of the battle, protection the Wild Hills.


The Defenders of the Old Land

General: Cadman
Troops: 850 Hillmen, 40 Mórail, 15 Northmen and roughly 40 volunteers.


The defenders had divided themselves into 7 units with specific tasks and tactics. These units were found in three groups:

Commander in charge: Hartman

  • Unit 1: 100 Hillmen and 40 Mórail.
  • Unit 2: Commander Hartman, 100 hillmen and volunteers.

Tactic: Unit 2 was to engage the 32nd Division and retreat when needed, bringing the battle to Unit 1.

Commander in charge: Cadman

  • Unit 3: 250 Elite Hillmen
  • Unit 4: Commander Cadman, 100 hillmen and volunteers.
  • Unit 5: 50 Hillmen Scouts
  • Unit 7: 100 Elite Hillmen

Tactic: Unit 4 was to engage the 47th Division and retreat when needed, bringing the battle to Unit 3. Unit 5 was to enter the hills and hinder Kanjite intelligence from travelling in between the 47th and the 48th Divisions. Unit 7 were mobile reserves to be used where need be.

Commander in charge: Randvar

  • Unit 6: Commander Randvar, 200 Hillmen, 15 Northmen and volunteers.

Tactic: Assault the 48th Division, annihiliate it and break through.

The Royal Army of Kanjo

General: High Commander Mandhatri (not present)
Troops: 2100 soldiers


The Kanjite were traditionally divided into 6 Divisions: the 32nd, 33rd, 46th, 47th, 48th and 49th Division, each holding:

  • A Hatriya Commander
  • 20 Subedar bodyguards
  • 1 Vipra battle-priest
  • 10 Sepoy Officers
  • 10 Sepoy Units (each with 10 archers and 20 footsoldiers)

Tactic: The 49th Division transported warmachines and supplies for the troops, and were thus considered very important to protect. The other divisions had maneuvered in the best possible way during their march north to protect the 49th Division. The Divisions were, however, separated at Dun Craig, due to the terrain, which made it a suitable place for an attack by the defenders.

  • The Kanjite scouts, the Tiger Warriors, were divided into three units of 30 men each.

Tactic: Secure the hills inbetween the Divisions.

Phase 1
Phase 1

Phase 1

With the defenders launching a surprise attack, they were able to decide the tactic to be used beforehand.

Unit 2 attacked the vastly superior 32nd Division, inflicting minor damage. The 18 Hillmen out of 100 who survived the battle lost their morale and fled. Commander Hartman and the volunteers were soon forced to retreat according to their plan towards Unit 1.


  • 78 Sepoy Infantrymen
  • 82 Hillmen (remaining 18 fled)

Unit 4 attacked the 47th Division, but were soon driven back by their numbers. The 27 Hillmen out of 100 who survived the battle lost their morale and fled, leaving Commander Cadman and the volunteers to retreat towards Unit 3 according to the plan.


  • 83 Sepoy Infantrymen
  • 73 Hillmen (remaining 27 fled)

Unit 5 entered the hills and soon encountered the far more superior Tiger Warriors of Scout Unit 2. The Kanjites massacred the Hillmen.


  • 12 Tiger Warriors,
  • 50 (all) Hillmen scouts

Unit 6 charged into the 48th Division, upon which a gruesome and brutal battle began. Soon 30 Tiger Warriors of Scout Unit 3 could be seen charging the left flank of the defenders. After the first phase of the battle, Unit 6 had managed to kill the Hatriya Commander of the 48th Division, his entire bodyguard, and more than half of the soldiers. 40 hillmen out of 200 remained, and Commander Randvar decided to send 30 of them into the hills west of them, along with the surviving Northmen, while the rest would engage the remaining Kanjite.


  • Hatriya Commander, Vipra-Battle priest, 20 Subedar Bodyguards, 180 Sepoy Infantrymen
  • 160 Hillmen, 5 Northmen

Phase 2: Beginning
Phase 2: Beginning

Phase 2

Unit 2 joined up with Unit 1 according to the plan, and attempted to hold their ground. However, with the flight of the surviving Hillmen from the previous fight, the retreat had not gone as smoothly as planned. The Kanjite were too close behind for the tactic to function properly. Mórail wizards soon found themselves in melee with enemy infantry, as did the archers among the Hillmen. The pressure was too great, forcing Commander Hartman to call out a retreat into Talewood.


  • 110 Sepoy Infantrymen
  • 48 Hillmen, 12 Mórail

Unit 4 joined up with Unit 3 according to the plan, even though it only consisted of Commander Cadman and the volunteers after the flight of the surviving Hillmen from the previous fight. The 250 elite Hillmen put up a fierce fight against the oncoming Kanjite. Victory would have been theirs, would it not have been for the elite Subedar troops, their Commander and the Vipra-Priest, who quickly turned the tide. The final battle stood between Cadman and the Kanjite Commander, with hundreds of bodies piled around them. Finally the 47th Division was defeated and killed to the last man, but at a high cost. Each and everyone of the Hillmen lay dead as well.With the oncoming 49th Division in the distance, Cadman called for a retreat into the hills east of them.


  • Hatriya Commander, Vipra-Battle priest, 20 (all) Subedar Bodyguards, 117 (all) Sepoy Infantrymen
  • 250 (all) Elite Hillmen

Unit 7 charged into the hills, engaging Scout Unit 2. The wave of 100 Elite Hillmen was enough to kill each and everyone of the Tiger Warriors.


  • 18 (all) Tiger Warriors
  • 20 Elite Hillmen

Unit 6 with Commander Randvar, 10 Hillmen and volunteers charged the remaining 120 Sepoy Infantrymen and Scout Unit 3 in a bloody fight that left all of them dead. With the 33rd Division closing in from the distance, Commander Randvar gave an order to retreat into the hills where he had earlier sent the 30 Hillmen and 10 Northmen.


  • 30 (all) Tiger Warriors of Scout Unit 3, 120 Sepoy Infantrymen
  • 10 Hillmen
Phase 2: End
Phase 2: End

Phase 3

Commander Hartman retreated into Talewood with what remained of Units 1 and 2. The fleeing Hillmen from Units 2 and 4 rallied with him there as well.

Defenders in Talewood:

  • Commander Hartman
  • 95 Hillmen
  • 28 Mórail
  • Volunteers

Commanders Cadman and Randvar joined forces with Unit 7 in the hills that separated them.

Defenders in the hills:

  • Commander Cadman
  • Commander Randvar
  • 80 Elite Hillmen
  • 30 Hillmen
  • 10 Northmen

The surviving Kanite Divisions marched onwards, siding with eachother north of the hills of Dun Craig.

Phase 3
Phase 3


When looking at the casualties on both sides, one could call the outcome of the battle a draw. However, considering that the defenders lost nearly 80% of their total force, while the Royal Army lost approximately 30% of their invading force, one could argue that the battle can be considered a Kanjite victory.

There were however 3 dead Kanjites for each dead defender


  • The Sluagh (Hill Folk host): 205 survivors out of 850. 80 of them are elite warriors (150 elite warriors of the Sluahg didn't participate in the battle and thus not counted to the host).
  • The Mórail: 28 survivors out of 40
  • Northmen: 10 survivors out of 15

Royal Army

  • Divisions 33, 46 and 49: Unharmed.
  • Divisions 47 and 48: All dead.
  • Division 32: 112 survivors out of 300 Sepoy Infantrymen. All other forces alive.
  • Scout Units 2 and 3: All dead.
  • Scout Unit 1: Unharmed.


  • The Defenders: 667 casualties.
  • Royal Army: 948 casualties, out of which 2 Hatriya Commanders, 40 elite Subedar Bodyguards and 2 Vipra-Battle priests.

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