Borderwood Inn

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Borderwood Inn
Borderwood Inn

Deep in the dense forests of Borderwood lies the foundations of an old, dilapidated inn. A faint, pale glow emanates from behind scummy, mud-splattered windows out into the misty reaches of the forest. Thin wooden shutters, barely covering the windows, hang off rusty hinges which creak as they sway slowly in the light breeze. The grey, washed-out rainy skies offer little light, even though the branches of the surrounding trees are nearly bare. The damp, earthy smell of wet underbrush combined with the minor wisps of wind make the setting around the rickety old inn quite gloomy.

The inn looks old and as if it would fall over if a strong wind came through, but tales reach across the lands that it still stands strong from the day it was constructed till now. Its appearance may tell a different story; wide dark-wooden planks make up the outside of the inn, and at a quick glance you can tell the inn has definitely seen better days. Smaller pieces of wood are nailed over the longer planks making for a lousy effort in day-to-day repairs. Some of the back wall and most of the upper level have a lighter wood for the outer paneling; clearly some of the inn was destroyed either during the Cataclysm, or from some other disaster, and has been extensively repaired. The constant mists and the humid air have let moisture soak into the wood giving the whole building’s outer appearance the look of driftwood. The overall craftsmanship is definitely shoddy.

The heavy wooden door swings open easily. A filthy mat leads down a short hall into a large space filled with patrons, many tables and a small bar in the back corner. The interior appears to mirror the exterior, as many of the wood panels that make up the walls are a dark wood and are repaired with little effort. The atmosphere is a dark one; two large braziers light the entry way and two torches sit near the bar. Apart from these sources of light, only a few large candles on each table create the ambient lighting of this brigand-filled inn. Pirates, outlaws, Dazak and Wudorc patrons make up the typical customers and with them around its easy to tell that any sort of business that might take place here is undesirable.

There are a handful of rooms on the top floor where people can stay the evening, but there are many stories of people being robbed, or in some cases killed in their sleep. Rest at your own risk.

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