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131-194 IV

Dazak Chieftain


Adal Boridar is a sung and hailed hero among the Dazak, mainly known for defeating the gnolls in a series of battles. His fame began in 164 IV when a large horde of gnolls attacked and besieged Paota, one of two fortified Dazak settlements in the Foggy Peaks. The Dazak set the place alight and let it perish in flames rather than let it submit to capture, but this also left hundreds of them unprotected and fleeing through the cravaces from their bloodthirsty attackers. Boridar and his tribe arrived just in time to save his kinsmen from a massacre, and a fierce battle begun that was to rage for three days. The gnolls were finally defeated by the Dazaki chieftain, but Paota was never rebuilt and it still lays in ruins.

Boridar's courage and his initial victory over the gnolls resulted in hundreds of Dazak arriving to join him, and he had within days nearly tripled his forces. So begun Boridar's six month long campaign that would eventually force the gnolls to retreat to the southern parts of the Foggy Peaks, leaving the northern peaks under Dazak reign - an arrangement that still stands to this day.

The chieftain died at the age of 63, when falling of his horse in drunken stupor. It was not the warrior's death the Dazak may have wished for their great chieftain, but at least there was a horse and some liqour involved - both important elements in a Dazak's life.

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