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The Brightstar Company is a semi-secret organisation dedicated to battling evil and keeping goodly civilized places safe. They have members all over the Charun, but operate mainly in the Old Land, the Heartland, the Wastes and the Farlands.

The "field agents" of the organization are known as "Brightstar Wanderers", or simply as "wanderers". They act directly to gather intelligence and eliminate threats to the greater good. The members are usually devotees of Giardian, Brunir, Sirine or Thilias - and all possessing the diversity of skill and ability necessary to become members.


Birth: 904 III
Founder: Amunhet
Members: Secret
Purpose: Battle evil and protect goodly, civilised places
Leader: Secret
Head Quarters: Secret, but rumours place it somewhere in the Heartland
Area of Operation: Charun
Symbol: A flanged mace inside a six-sided silver star over a black field.


Amunhet of Kurash, a priest of Giardain, founded the Brighstar Company in 904 III. The organisation was sworn to protect Elmwood and the surrounding lands from evil. The original head quarters were located in Teardrop Village, where Amunhet had bought a house.

When the Cataclysm arrived and the Third Age ended, the Company was dissolved. Amunhet brought it back to life when he settled down in what was to become the town of Larmenius, where he founded the Temple of Giardain. It has managed to survive till this day, steadily growing in influence, power and members.

The old organisation, once created by Amunhet, is by many believed to be revised today to suit the Company's world-wide operations.

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