Burhardt Laroche

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309 IV -

High-Master of Punishment
Burhardt "The Beast" Laroche
Burhardt "The Beast" Laroche

Suitingly named "The Beast" among the general populace of the Three Isles, Burhardt Laroche is a monstruous man. He stands nearly 7 feet tall, with a massive bulk to his build out of both muscle and fat. His persona is no less beast-like and he infamous for his violent nature and sadistical traits. Laroche enjoys using his fryingpan sized hands to slap people unconscious, as well as twisting arms till they snap out of their sockets or the bones break. It is needless to say that he is feared, especially by his subordinates in the Order of the Tainted Sword, who are the first to experience his quick-tempered outbursts. The Beast himself is said only to fear Garagor and Ghislain Craon, the High-Master of the Pit on the Isles who is his superior within the church organisation.

Laroche was called the Beast from an early age, due he outgrew all in size, and outclassed them when it came to being a mean and brutal - traits admired and respected on Smoke Isle where he was born and raised. The Beast had gathered a gang of his own at the age of 13, and they were within a year paid by the Invisible Blade to do minor errands, such as burglaries and beatings, which was a rare occurance, since the Blade isn't known for trusting juvelines to do men's work. It was obvious that the powerful thieves' guild saw potential in Laroche, and decided to invest in him.

In Airin of 322 IV everything would change for Laroche. He and his gang were out prowling the streets of Smoke Isle as usual, when they saw a lone man wander the alleys. A quick examination showed no signs of the man being a wizard, a veteran of the army or anything else that could prove troublesome, so the youngsters decided to jump the man. This robed figure happened to be Ghislain Craon, at that time a priest of Garagor, and the gang quickly learned their mistake. Two of them were dead before they could lay their hands on the priest, and the others died by a burst of negative energy that entered their bodies through Craon's hands. Laroche, however, survived what killed his companions. He clinged onto the priests throat with his hands, barely breathing and severly wounded, but still with a defying, murderous look in his eyes. Craon recognised a rare trait in the youngster, and instead of finishing his life, he healed and offered him an opportunity to become stronger and more powerful than he could ever imagine. The rest is history by now.

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