Cadman son of Brian

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340 - 402 IV

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Founder and Marasgal of Fearann

Cadman was born in the Wild Hills, in the settlement of Glenmoargen that consisted of a handful of farms. He was a strong, diligent lad and was expected to become a farmer as his dad. When the hamlet was attacked by goblins, Cadmans brother Bron, who led a band of warriors known as "the Fianna of the Wolf" requested Cadmans aid in repelling the invaders. They were successful in thwarting the attack and later to follow and kill the remains of the attacking goblin force. The experience changed young Cadman.

He travelled with his brother’s band “the Fianna of the Wolf” for 3 years, being the storyteller and scribe as well as having the regular warrior duties.

During his time roaming the countryside, he got a sinking feeling of impending doom for the Hill Folk. There were good warriors all over the region, but no common goal or purpose. Everyone defended their homes, but no one came to the aid of a settlement 10 miles away. The goblins ran rampant and in Trade Town, an increasing number of luckseekers were running all over the place. Without centralization, it would only be a matter of time until these foreigners ran things.

But there were also points of light. During the Dhazzir threat, the hillmen actually got a military force together but more importantly, many of the foreigners helped, joining swords with the clansmen.

When Bron died in a battle against a surprise raiding party consisting of goblins riding on wolves, the Fianna scattered. Cadman was determined to go to Trade Town, the heart of, as he saw it, both the problem and the solution.

Climb to Power

Cadman was soon handed the position of Captain of Trade Town by Josephine Babineux, who had claimed to settlement through killing the former captain. He quickly used the title to influence the Hill Folk, through constantly courting the elders with his vision and council. A step towards acceptance as a person of influence among his kin came when he and a handful of Hill Folk claimed an old ruined outpost in the Grey Plains.

When the conflicts raging in the Old Land between various factions reached the Wild Hills, Sanctia got involved in it as well and sent a force of knights to the region. The Hill Folk elders suddenly found themselves unable to decide how to react and turned to Cadman for council. It was clearly a decissive moment for the hillman, who now enjoyed a new level of reckognition and trust. Cadman decided to follow his vision, where a unified nation of Hill Folk ruled the Wild Hills. In his mind, it was unacceptable that foreign forces rampaged across their ancestral lands lacking respect for his kin.

The day after a force of nearly 200 Hill Folk attacked the Larmenian Knights in the back, while they were engaged in a battle against the forces of Shadowhold. Their involvement was decissive for the outcome, and the Sanctians were defeated.

Sacntia soon decalred open war upon the Hill Folk, but the state was soon negated, due Cadman took his horde and captured the Ruler of Shadowhold, Josephine Babineux, along with some of her associates, whom he handed over to the Sanctians. He also attacked and claimed the fortress of Shadowhold, turning it into a Hill Folk stronghold. This ended the conflict in the Wild Hills, on the 24th of Zurkah 362 IV, and fulfilled Cadman's plans of Hill Folk rule over the Wild Hills.

This achievement granted him the title Ceannard of the Sluagh, or 'Commander of the Host', even though he had not yet become a Triath (Clan Chieftain).

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After successfully defening the Old Land and the Hill Folk territory against the invading Kanjite in the Old Land Stand war during 364 IV, Cadman proceeded with his plans to forge the Hill Folk into one nation. He presented his vision along with a constitution written by him to the Comhairle in Giarda 366 IV and it was approved of by the elders only a week after on the 9th of Giarda 366 IV. He had thus managed to realise what he had only dreamt of as a youngster: forging the Hill Folk into one nation - the Fearann.

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In 367 IV, when the nation was still regaining its strength after the war, they were approached by the vampires of Narghal with an ultimatum that came to divide the nation in two. The Hillfolk were offered either destruction in battle or taxation in blood. Cadman's initial reaction was to empty Fearann on people, due taking up arms against the vampires was not considered a possibility. The refugees sought sanctuary in Atalheim, where they were provided for out of the nations' treasury, as well as through a large private donation from Hartman Brandeis, founder of the Old Land Company. In the end a decission was made by the Comhairle to accept Narghal's offer of blood tax through signing the Treaty of Ancestors. This development led to a never before seen scenario among the Hillfolk with the separation of kin. 11 clans under the leadership of Cadman broke free from Fearann in 367 IV, due they saw the terms presented in the treaty as unacceptable. When the rest of the Hillfolk journeyd back to Fearann, Cadman and his followers turned west of Atalheim and settled down. They formed the new realm of A' Soar, meaning "The Free" later that same year.

A' Soar

Cadman found himself in the midst of humanoids with only one fifth of his people by his side and an empty treasury. It didn't discourage him or any of the Hillfolk though. They began the construction of a new settlement that would become Cadbaile 5 eyars later in 372 IV.

With all the Hillfolk eyes on him, Cadman had every possibility to forge a nation of his liking. Instead of announcing the nation a monarchy with himself a king, he leaned on the old Hillfolk traditions everyone were familiar with. Each of the 11 clans were to have a Triath representing them in the Comhairle council that was to govern the nation. They in turn could elect a Marasgal to represent them and execute their decissions. The only major change made by Cadman was to have each Triath be elected by their clan for a 5-year period at a time. The practice was soon abandoned by the Hillfolk though, who began claiming separate clan territories in order to survive and make a living. It was decided in 378 IV that the largest clan and the one Cadman belonged to, Cnocfaire, would get the territory the town of Cadbaile lay on in return for having it act as a centre of trade interesting enough to attract foreign merchants who could buy Hillfolk goods.

Diminishing Influence and Death

By 380 IV the borders of A' Soar had been expanded through Hillfolk willpower and blood, remaining the same ever since. Cadman, who had the role of the Marasgal at the time, watched the unity he had worked for for so long get diluted, as his kinsmen succumbed back to their traditional clan-system. The idea of a centralised government was crumbling and his position as a Marasgal grew more unimportant by every day that went by. He soon came to the conclusion that even though he was still admired and hailed as the greatest hero of his kin, it was impossible to create a long-term change in the hearts and minds of his countrymen.

On Cadman's 50th birthday, in 390 IV, a great feast was held in his honour that saw many mighty and prominent guests. King Randvar and Queen Kathleen of Atalheim sat at his table, and it is said that they spent the evening laughing and talking about the old days. It was the last time Cadman met King Randvar, due he was killed in the War of the Northern Mark the year after.

As the clans had become more or less independent, Cadman's political influence had diminished into a more or less symbolic role. Being a living legend, but without a cause or goal to fight for led to him turning to the bottle. It was something he had always had in him, but greater goals and trouble lurking around the corner had throughout his past required his full attention. He spent his last decade in Cadbaile, where both locals and foreigners came to get a glimpse of the hero. On the days when he was representable enough he went to the tavern, where he told tales of the days of wonder, displayed his poetic skills or sang a song or two to the amazed audience.

Cadman donned his armour on a few occasions in order to aid his kinsmen, as in 395 IV when he helped the Sidheach clan defeat a large force of Buccaneers, and in 398 IV when he single-handedly hunted down a powerful necromancer stirring the undead in clan Biadhtach's territory. Cadman made his last performance in Cadbaile before an enthuastic crowd two weeks prior to his death in 402 IV. Even though he was in his 60s, had gained considerable amounts of weight and was generally at a very poor health, he is said to still have had the most beautiful of singing voices and a striking presence that filled the room with awe.

All Hillfolk who were able to travel attended his funeral in Hedon 402 IV, as did a retinue from Atalheim with the elderly queen mother Kathleen, her daughter Queen Frithr and King Goarus.

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