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Thugs of the Capuchon stalking a victim
Thugs of the Capuchon stalking a victim


Not much is know about Capuchon - the thieves' guild in Larmenius. The name itself means "Hooded" in Northern Narghalan, representing the secretiveness of the guild and it's members.


Birth: Unknown
Founder: Unknown
Members: Unknown
Purpose: Organised Crime
Leader: Unknown
Head Quarters: Larmenius, location unknown
Area of Operation: Sanctia
Symbol: Unknown


Rumours are the only source that can be recited, for nothing is actually known for a fact about Capuchon. The first rumours began circulating in the end of the first century of the Fourth Age, when a few thieves were overheard in an agitated discussion. They were apparently upset by someone organising the criminal activities in Larmenius. This someone demanded percentage from each and everyone operating within the city walls, and he apparently had some muscle accompanying him to make things clear for those that did not understand.

Since then smuggled goods have flooded the market and the shady business have become even shadier, nearly impossible to investigate.

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