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Herald of the Sun

“Pray and ask for the Sun to show mercy on your fields.” - A rural Herald.

Chaktumat is an Umair deity of the sun, bane to the living dead, and the helper of mothers with troubled births. His Heralds protect Umair lands and are occasionally seen elsewhere when they deem it necessary.



The sun, agriculture, herds, rain, draught, death in deserts, bane of undead


The skies


The faith in Giardain, God of Life, was strong in Northern Necharam for centuries. He represented all that was seen as necessary to prevail in the dry and harsh enviroment, where the sun meant both life and death. Giardain was also a sworn foe of the risen dead. As faith in the Old Golds dwindled among humans, only to more or less vanish, the Necharamians (mainly the Umair) sought for a new deity that could hear their prayers.

Mythology stretching back to the Second Age and ancient Necharam told of Chaktumat, Giardain's herald, who had carried out the god's teachings in the mortal world. With Giardain considered gone, the Umair began praying to Chaktumat instead. The Herald of the Sun represented everything Giardain stood for, but he was also considered closer to the mortals and their world.


Worship is conducted at small altars found in homes, as well as in temples if such are available. Fresh vegetables or fruits are usually placed at the altar during worship. Farmers in the Wastes and Northern Necharam pray to Chaktumat to keep the rays of the sun from burning their crops and drying the waterholes used by their herds. Others may pray for a problem-free pregnancy or a quick recover from a disease. The attention of Chaktumat is also called for when risen dead are encountered, which is a danger in the southern most parts of the Wastes.


Chaktumat's followers are mainly found among the Kurashi, Umair and Chugir with the deity is more popular among those in rural areas, or people with ties to rural areas. The vast majority of lower and middle-class Umair worship Chaktumat, whom they deem responsible for their lands, their herds, and their families. With the sun being the greatest danger and threat in their land, they also see it necessary to keep the Sun's Herald pleased through regular religious ceremonies. Chaktumat is also a sworn enemy of the risen dead – a plague that still threatens the region from the south.

Worship of other gods does occur as well, especially amongst the rich and noble.


Chaktumat appears as a creature made out of sunlight that blinds mortals would they look at him more than briefly. Risen dead are said to die instantly upon his appearence.


The priests of Chaktumat are called "Heralds" and they are vigilant opposers of dark arts associated with death and the dead. They are also frequently hired to cure diseases and aid during childbirth.

Granted Powers: Binding and Burning


A face in the sun.


Yellow, golden.

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