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"Warlocks channel the powers created in the Far Realms into the mortal world, through nothing more than an effort of will. "

Warlock unleashing her power
Warlock unleashing her power

Some rare individuals possess an innate magical gift, enabling them to wield powers unattainable by others. These persons are commonly refered to as warlocks.

Many scholars speculate around what gives the warlock his powers, even though an answer explaining the condition is seemingly impossible to single out. Not even the warlocks themselves are aware of what in their bloodline or nature gives them access to their powers. Some claim that the warlocks actually bear heredity to an outsider, tracing centuries, if not more than a millenium back. This fraction of outsider blood could thus in a rare twist of nature surface just enough in an individual to give him the abilities of a warlock. Others believe that bloodline or genetics has nothing to do with it. They claim that it is more so a rare combination of willpower and a powerful persona, along with heightened senses regarding the arcane powers. Whatever the reasons may be, the warlocks are feared, shrouded in mystery and shunned even more than other spellcasters. They are regarded abnormal, not only in rural areas, but also in large settlements where the inhabitants are more used to magic.

A warlock's powers differ greatly from that of the other wielders of arcane powers. The sorcerer draws power from the Far Realms through their dark masters, much like a cleric does, a wizard uses complicated and incomprehensible equations to fetch the powers needed to cast spells, while a bard through ancient songs and spoken formulae channels a limited amount of magic. The warlock on the other hand taps to the Far Realms, where magic is created, through nothing more than an effort of will, channeling the powers from the Outside through his mind and body into the mortal world. The warlock can without preparation scour his foes endlessly with blasts of eldritch power, channeled directly from the Far Realms, as well as perform feats of supernatural stealth and beguile the weak-minded.

Constant connection with the Outside and the relentless dismay displayed by people in general changes the mind and soul of most warlocks, leading them to take the darker paths of life. Some get obsessed with themselves, developing narcissistic personalities, regarding themselves as above mere mortality. Others grow bitter and ruthless, determined to rather step on others, than be stepped on themselves. More than often warlocks seek the faiths of dark gods, looking for sanctuary not found among mortals.

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1. A warlock has an innate magical gift. They don't need to preapre their magic in the way that other wielders of the arcane powers have to.

2. Warlocks channel powers from the Far Realms through sheer willpower.

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