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There are three Player Character factions in Charun, where races and cultures within each faction are more or less allied, viewing the others as enemies. In addition to those, there are countless NPC factions that interact with PCs in various ways.

Picking a race will automaticly make you a member of the faction in question, which in turn will have an immense impact on your gaming experience. It will decide the areas you are able to visit, how NPCs and monsters will react to you, and what quests, items and character development lies ahead of you.

Faction names are used only to describe each group, rather than actual terms used in the world among its populace.

The Civilized Faction

The Civilized Faction consists of the various cultures of Man, and the remnant empires and isolated domains of the Mórail. Both races have strong impulses to conquest, and the Mórail actually did, in one way or another, conquer most of Charun at one point. They are natural allies against the forces of the Vile Faction, which alternately feeds upon or enslaves humans, and destroys the Mórail, and they find common cause as well against Urmen, Cavers, and Saurians. Though the Mórail are locked in a life-or-death genocidal struggle against the Saurians and the remnants of their Sauroid progenitors, human concerns regarding the Native Faction range from deadly and constant violence to outright indifference depending on the culture in question -- though intermittent warfare is a well-known way for adventurers to prosper!

The Mórail and Humans have quite a bit of resentment and shed blood standing between them, given that their cultures tend to be "almost" but not completely compatible. That said, they usually tend to pull together in the face of threats from the other factions. As the Chugir say, "none are so quick to squabble as brothers, when the enemy is out of sight."

  • Location: The better part of the world. See each culture or race in question for more detailed information.
  • Members: Mórail | Human
  • Player Character starting location: Randsala

The Vile Faction

The newest of the three factions to formally emerge, Narghal and its dominion in the Fearann exists in an uneasy truce with the Dhazzir. Both are Great Powers in the full sense of the word, able and willing, if it serves their purposes, to expand and to crush kingdoms -- but not if the other power decides to fall upon their flanks when vulnerable. Relative proximity thus more or less forces them into alliance, as the Dhazzir prize the fresh-water resources under the Old Lands above those of all other realms. Meanwhile, the Fearanni at large suffer horribly under Narghal's dominion, while the strong and ambitious prosper greatly and grow mighty. It is a marriage of convenience and paranoia, but thus far a surprisingly stable one.

The Native Faction

Urmen and Saurians were ancient allies against the Mórail conquerors, though they are now merely friendly neighbors except in Mogaroth, where the last of the Great Sauroids holds sway. Over time, they have been joined by the Cavers, who, like the now mostly-extinct half-men, fled from the callousness of their overlords, but managed to find a balance which allows them to survive -- albeit at a horrible cost in lives and violence. Like the Vile Faction, the Native Faction is to some extent a marriage of convenience, but unlike the former's notable paranoia, its members for the most part seem to get along with each other. Whether that would hold true were they not constantly at war with the other factions remain to be seen.

The Native Faction has no organized strategy to it, and its members seem less culturally-adaptable than those of the other two factions. The Saurians, however, are quick to capitalize on those culturally-adaptible humans who prefer to "go renegade" and align themselves with the ancient reptilian power (and there are several scholars who believe that this is what has happened with the entire Sand-Snake people, and that this threat explains why Mórail, not generally sympathetic to other races, ever bothered with humans in the first place). The members of the Native Faction thus wages a constant war against both other factions not merely for territory, but for their ongoing survival.

  • Location: Most notably Talewood, Snowy Peaks, Feral Fen, Urwood, Skullcrusher Swamp, Urman Hills, Urgin as well as various forests, marshes and underground places.
  • Members: Saurian | Urman | Caver
  • Player Character starting location: Dun Craig

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