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WoC uses the Markshire Climbing System. It enables climbing with or without a rope, along with variables and features from the PnP rules.

The System

Things that prevent climbing:

  • ENCUMBRANCE – OVERLOADED: This is the state of encumbrance that we've all encountered where you can barely move.
  • OFF-HAND WEAPON, ITEM or SHIELD: One hand can be occupied but not both.

Things that make it harder to climb:

  • ARMOUR: You incur the armour check penalty of the class of armor you are wearing.
    • LIGHT: -2
    • MEDIUM: -4
    • HEAVY: -7, It doesn't pay to climb in heavy armour. However, since you might be climbing while being attacked it might be worth the effort.
  • ENCUMBRANCE – HEAVY: This is the first state of encumbrance that causes you a movement loss. -3

How the chances are calculated:

  • TAKE 10: Take 10 is from PnP and applies to any ability or skill check that involves a bad result on failure. So you add your Strength Modifier to 10 and this is your "roll". This assumes that you are taking your time to make it. If your Take 10 is higher then the DC you automatically climb up/down.
  • D20 ROLL: If your Take 10 can't succeed OR you are involved in combat you have to roll. You roll d20 and add your Strength Modifier. If you succeed over the DC you climb up/down.

What happens when you fail …?

  • DAMAGE: Falling damage is measured 1d6 per 10-feet fallen with a maximum of 20d6.
  • MINOR FAILURE: If you miss your check by 5 or less you made it part of the way (we assume halfway) and fall HALF of the distance. Example: If the height is 80 feet then the damage will be 40-feets worth which would be 4d6.
  • CRITICAL FAILURE: If you miss your check by 6 or more you fell the whole distance. Example: So from above you would suffer the 80-feet fall which would be 8d6.
  • FALLING WHILE CLIMBING UP: If you fail you end up back where you started.
  • FALLING WHILE CLIMBING DOWN: In this case, if you fail, you still succeed … it just hurts. You end up where you were heading. D-O-W-N!

Climbing Gear:

  • CLIMBING GLOVES: Gloves that have metal hooks built into the palms for climbing. (Game Benefit: +2 to Climb Checks; GP Value: 300)
  • RING OF ARCANE CLIMBING: This elven made silver ring was first created during the War of the Firstborn, when elven wizards were sent to the Snowy Peaks to battle the dwarves. These rings were incredibly handy and made the climbing much easier for the mages. Unfortunately, it only works for those born with the gift of arcane magics. (Game Benefit: +5 to Climb Checks; Restricted Use: Bards, Sorcerers, Warlocks and Wizards; GP Value: 3000)
  • CLIMBING GEAR: Many professions have specialized equipment. Among them are those that must inevitably climb a height. This set of gear that assists those who are nimble with their ascents. (Game Benefit: Uses Dex instead of Str; Restricted Use: Bard, Rogue, Ranger; GP Value: 2500)

Bonuses and Penalties:

  • RACIAL BONUS: Halflings receive a +2 Racial Bonus to climb checks in PnP.
  • SIZE BONUS: Size large or greater receive a +2 bonus.
  • STEALTH CLIMB PENALTY: Climbing while in Stealth Mode incurs a -5 penalty. In addition, if the stealth climber fails their check they not only fall but are removed from Stealth Mode.

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