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This page details the custom details of the WoC Combat System. We strongly recommend all players to get somewhat familiar with the mechanics.



Some fighters are untouchable, even when wearing nothing but a loincloth. In Charun you dont have to wear substantial armour in order to avoid being hit. It isn't armour that makes you harder to hit than the average man. It is your ability to dodge, duck and parry. Armour is most useful in actual war, when the ability to dodge a strike is impaired by the confusion of battle and movement-obstructing warriors. In such a situation, it is good to wear a layer of leather or metal on your vital spots to reduce the power of any strikes an opponent might land on you.


Armour is made for one purpose: to take the damage from a weapon strike instead of your body. It literally gets in the way of incoming strikes, but if those strikes are strong enough to penetrate through the armour or send destructive shock waves to your flesh, then you still get hurt -but not as much as you would have without the armour. Rather than require proficiencies for use, all armour in Charun come with a penalty if used by someone who isn't proficient.

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Defense Class

DC (Defense Class) replaces Armour Class as the target number an attack roll must pass, though canonically it is still called "AC" in order to avoid confusion. Defense Class is not affected by armour, but your Dexterity modifier still applies. Each class has a BDB (Base Defense Bonus) progression, equal to the base attack bonus progression. This progression is done automaticly when gaining a level.

Your Defense Class equals 10 + Base Defense Bonus + Dexterity bonus + Shield bonus.

  • Whenever you lose your Dexterity bonus, you also lose your Base Defense Bonus. Uncanny Dodge and such abilities and feats affect the BDB along with the Dexterity bonus.
  • Certain feats, such as Dodge, add to the Defense Class.
  • Shields are different from armour. They do, in fact, make it easier to evade blows by deflecting them, and therefore add to the Defense Class. They do not behave as armour, reducing damage dealt.

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Ranged Defense

Defenders without a shield take a -1 penalty to their AC when defending against ranged attacks. A small shield negates the penalty, while a large shield turns it into a +1 bonus. The huge tower shield turns it into a +2 bonus.

Uncanny Dodge

Known to be broken by default, this feat actually works in Charun.

Combat Expertise

Combat Expertise and Improved Combat Expertise are handed out to all characters in the form of Defensive Fighting and Total Defense. These grant +2 and +4 to AC respectively, but reduce your Attack Bonus by -4 and -8, respectively.


Using the right tool for the job is good advice also when it comes to choosing your weapon. They all differ in performance and properties.


Where armour is made to protect, weapons are made to harm thorugh bludgeoning, slashing or piercing damage. While some weapons are monsters requiring two hands to wield, others are small and precise to use. Rather than require proficiencies for use, all weapons in Charun come with a penalty if used by someone who isn't proficient.

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The "flanking arc" has been reduced from the default 180 degrees to 120.

Mob Attack Bonus

The Mob Attack Bonus system grants an attack bonus to those who outnumber their foe. The intention is to bring realism into the game and make it impossible to wade through huge mobs without wearing a suit of heavy armour to protect your back. This also allows PCs to use the tactic against foes that are normally hard to hit in combat.

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Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace can be executed on any helpless creature regardless of level, but instead of an instant kill as by default, the result is an automatic critical hit.

Precission Fighting

An individual with the Weapon Finesse Feat may attempt to bypass armour DR all together, through striking at the joints and unarmoured parts of the body. This can only be done through the useage of selected weaponry - not to be mixed with the standard finesse weapons. Bear in mind that this is an additional feature to the default Finesse Feat, where the attacker may use his Dexterity bonus when attacking with light weapons.

If the character has the Weapon Finesse feat and is wielding a Precision Weapon he will bypass his target's armor entirely if his attack roll exceeds the target's combined AC and DR roll. Improved Weapon Finesse will add +4 to this check.

Bows and Crossbows count as Precision Weapons, but can only be used for Precision Fighting if standing closer than 15ft to the target and having the Point Blank Shot feat. Weapon Finesse is not required in this case, though Improved Weapon Finesse will still add +4 to the check.

Precision Damage

Sneak Attack has been replaced with Precision Damage, which is a similar concept that adds more balance to the ability. Just as Sneak Attack, it is a separate ability handed to certain classes. Whenever you are Precision Fighting (see the section above), you add the difference between your attack roll and the target's (AC + 4) to your damage. If your target is flat-footed, the opponent loses the +4 bonus. The amount of damage you can add is limited by your Precision Damage Cap which is raised as you level up at a rate determined by your class.

If the target has the Improved Uncanny Dodge feat, it will retain the +4 bonus even if flat-footed.

Life and Death

Brute strength isn't always what determines the outcome of a fight. It often comes down to who has the most durable stamina, and the mental ability to focus on the task, ignore pain, bruises and other related things that can lower morale. Whatever the situation, it often ends with death, or at least a near-death experience.


WoC uses Stamina rather than the default Hit Points. It is an abstraction for exhaustion and the ability to ignore minor cuts and bruises. Stamina is based on the constitution score and the level of excersise from one's profession. One could say that a character is not actually "hit" until he reaches 0 stamina, rather, you expend Stamina in order not to get hit badly.

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Lost Stamina needs to be healed, or death will sooner or later occur.

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