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Great wall of Eagle's Sanctum where the Conclave is located
Great wall of Eagle's Sanctum where the Conclave is located

The Conclave Devoir is a shadowy group of noteworthy and powerful individuals who have ruled over Sanctia from on high in Eagle's Sanctum. Few in Sanctia know of it's workings or those who are called members, but rumors always linger and spread in hushed, worried voices. In 368 IV they chose a public representative in Guillaume Blanchard.

The origins of the Conclave Devoir date back to the time of the death of Ruxellius de Larmenius in 34 IV. The Conclave was formed 7 years later, in 41 IV, by a handful of Brunites who were first generation Sanctians, young Knights of proven faith and courage. They were the way young men could be, rash and eager to prove themselves. Without the guiding, tempering hand of their leader, their eyes turned towards glory, for both Sanctia and the Overlord. For years, they put their plans into action.

What had been the first dream of Sanctia, a realm of peaceful living, and one carrying on the old Narghali virtues of righteousness and chivalry, was shattered with the ambitions of the aspiring rulers. They had within five years, through rousing rhetoric, careful planning, and influential workings, placed themselves at the head of a mobilization of men, material, arms and armour. Boys as young as seventeen, not even finished with their training as squires, and men into their early fourties were taken up into the Army Devoir. What had begun as a dream for righteousness turned into nothing short of forced conscription. Those who refused were threatened with expulsion, or worse.

The old and wise were few in number amongst the influential, and even if they truly would have wished to, they could not speak up in the face of the younger generation who longed for battle. They had known only peace throughout their lives, all raised on stories of past glory and righteousness which fed their imaginations. When the youngsters submitted to the Conclave, the Conclave gave them the greatest dream of all. The return home. The retaking of Stormwood.

The Conclave may have been a band of spirited young men eager to take to battle, but the old, true glory of Stormwood was to prove its worth. The few still alive, who had once been true knights of Stormwood, braving the passes of the Stormy Cliffs in defence of their realm, may have grown old, but not cowardly. Dressed in the gleaming plate of Knighthood, bearing the old heraldry of Stormwood, they were six, who stood at the gates of Sanctia when the Army Devoir came to a halt in it's neatly formed lines, standing scores and scores behind the Conclave. Of the six, one moved forward, and in a voice that showed no lacking or fear, issued forth a challenge to the Conclave.

"Let he among you who think this cause so worthy, defend it. Let us Resolve, and see what is what."

One of the young men of the Conclave strode forward, faced the old knight, and in the way that only a Resolving can, they tested the mettle of each. They lunged with their blades clashing with a ringing of steel on steel, and as they both began their turn, moving so that their backs faced each other, it happened. The young Knight's courage wavered, and he leapt aside, throwing himself firmly to the ground, sharpened steel passing through the space he would have occupied in just a moment.

In the history of Stormwood, there was only one instance where a knight had dishonoured both himself and the Resolving. Embarassed, flushed with rage and trembling, the young man took up his sword, firmly knocked away the Knight's who had turned his back on him and forced him to his knees, driving his blade downwards through his senior, pinning him to the soil. A decisive act and a decisive turning. Where the Conclave had expected to march to glory, they found only that they were turned against. They fled into the Eagle's Sanctum as the masses of young men took up arms, giving chase on foot.

What had started as a crusade turned into nothing short of rebellion. In the year that followed, a tentative peace was struck. The Conclave would remain in Eagle's Sanctum, worshipping Brunir in the fashion they did, secretive, shadowed and hidden away. The defense of Sanctia, and it's running, fell to the Larmenians that consisted of the soldiers who remained when the Army Devoir splintered. To honour the sacrifice made, every Larmenian was oath-sworn to uphold the honour of the Resolve, which had, and has become, the measure of a Larmenian's value.

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