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Crafting makes it possible for player characters to create equipment of their own, as well as repair broken items. The feature is not as useful at lower levels as it is at higher levels, when skilled characters are able to craft items that are hard to find in shops.


Player characters need a suitable workspace and tools in order to craft. Thus, someone wanting to craft weapons needs a smithy and so on. It is usually not possible to use a NPC's workspace, since they need it for their livelyhood and it's often sized after their business. Few have extra-space that isn't being put to use.

The prices for suitable workspaces wary greatly, all depending on the location. The cost for the material alone for a craftmans house with a shop, work area, room for workers, 2-3 bays and tile roof ranges between 2400 - 3600 silver pieces. On top of that comes the cost of the land, rent, taxes etc.

If you want to get your character a workspace, contact the staff through the forums and the DM Dropbox account.

How To Craft

The various Craft skills allow you to make an item of the appropriate type. The DC depends on the complexity of the item to be created. The DC, your check results, and the price of the item determine how long it takes to make a particular item. The item’s finished price also determines the cost of raw materials.

To determine how much time and money it takes to make an item, follow these steps.

1. Find the item’s price.
2. Find the DC.
3. Pay one-third of the item’s price for the cost of raw materials.
4. Make an appropriate Craft check representing one week’s work. If the check succeeds, multiply your check result by the DC. If the result × the DC equals the price of the item in sp, then you have completed the item. (If the result × the DC equals double or triple the price of the item in silver pieces, then you’ve completed the task in one-half or one-third of the time. Other multiples of the DC reduce the time in the same manner.) If the result × the DC doesn’t equal the price, then it represents the progress you’ve made this week. Record the result and make a new Craft check for the next week. Each week, you make more progress until your total reaches the price of the item in silver pieces.

If you fail a check by 4 or less, you make no progress this week.

If you fail by 5-9, you ruin half the raw materials and have to pay half the original raw material cost again.

If you fail by 10 or more you ruin all the raw materials and have to begin anew.

Example: A player character with Craft Weapon 4 attempting to craft an iron broadsword.
1. DC of 15.
2. Price of 500 sp.
3. 167 sp is payed up-front for the raw materials.
4. Craft check for the first week: The player character rolls 19 and succeeds vs the DC of 15.
The result 19 is multiplied with the DC 15 = 285. This represents the progress of the week. The PC will continue crafting till he reaches a total result of 500 (which is the price of the iron broadsword).

Would the character have rolled 11 or less on the initial craft check, then he'd made no progress that week.

Would he have rolled 6 - 10 on the initial craft check, then he'd ruin half the raw materials, having to pay 84 sp (167/2) to replace them.

Would he have rolled 5 (1 on a d20 for the PC in the example), then he'd ruined all the raw materials and he'd have to begin anew.

Crafting Categories

Craft Armor
Craft Armor allows a character to craft armor and shields from a variety of materials.
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Craft Alchemy
The character knows how to create a variety of alchemical items, such as alchemist's fire, acid, and poisons.
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Craft Weapon
Craft Weapon allows a character to create most types of weapons and ammunition from different materials.
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