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5956 II -

Craithan's Eyes


Little is known about the woman called Crithina, which actually means "little Craithan" in female form. She makes her first appearence 5972 II in the service of General Ategenion Craithan of Narghal , who employs her to carry out complicated reconnaissance missions. She is believed to have been a skilled wizard and scout, traits that made her useful for the task.

Crithina is usually described as very young, perhaps as young as 16 when she began her employment under Craithan, which has led to historians believing that she may have been related to the general somehow.

Her fate was unknown, since she doesn't make an appearence in the history books after the war with vampires breaks out, and it was not known whether she died or if Craithan infected her with vampirism. Crithina's fate was revealed in 367 IV, over a millenia later, when Craithan sent her as an emisary to discuss the Treaty of Ancestors with King Randvar and Marasgal Cadman in Atalheim. Presenting herself as Crithina, it stood clear that Craithan had decided to include her into the vampire ranks of Narghal.

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