Daluin Deepbrow

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4153 II - 4575 II

Founder of Thunder Hall

Daluin Deepbrow
Daluin Deepbrow

Daluin son of Galuar was born during the War of the Firstborn into the Firecliff clan. Witnessing the horrors of warfare during his childhood, such as losing his father, he grew up with a vision of a great dwarven kingdom that'd be unbreachable. With the ending of the War of the Firstborn in 4199 III the dwarves were able to once more focus on matters that interested them.

Daluin, by now known as "Deepbrow" due to his habit of falling into deep thought, had a century later emerged as a leader of the Firecliff clan. He spent the upcoming decades with rallying other clans, sharing his vision with them. The building and mining of Thunder Hall began in the year of 4351 II, and it continued all the way until it fell. Daluin became it's first king and when he passed away out of old age, he was succeeded by his son Dulin. The bloodline of Daluin Deepbrow continued to rule Thunder Hall till it's last king Thurin Trollnose.

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