Darkchain Slave Camp

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Darkchain Swamp

Prior to the Dhazzir expansion, this swamp was called No Man’s Swamp, and with good reason. A boggy morass of unstable ground and hidden deep sandy pools, crossing this swamp is dangerous for even an experienced traveler. Combined with thick vegetation and heavy tree cover that thins out sunlight, discerning a safe path through the bog is a nearly impossible feat. Few known safe paths into and out of the swamp exist, and none of the are common knowledge. These routes are a guarded secret among the Dhazzir, who use the swamp for another purpose; penning in surfacer slaves. Building their camp on the natural ‘dry spot’ at the swamp’s heart, the Dark Elves count on the bog to serve as a natural pen, discouraging escape and preventing rescue.

Darkchain Slave Camp

Information on the Darkchain Slave Camp is spotty at best, based solely on accounts of lucky escapees. What can be easily inferred are the crowded conditions and abysmal treatment of captives there. Workers of all races can be found there, huddled under ramshackle shelters and molding tents. Their Dhazzir captors are unaccountably cruel, and rations are so small that only the hardiest survive for any significant length of time. Combined with the easy spread of insect-bourne disease among the tightly packed slaves, prisoners seldom last more than a year or two. The Dhazzir seem to encourage this high death rate. Some surmise that they would prefer to capture new slaves then run the risk of longtime camp inhabitants organizing networks and potential escape attempts. By replacing slaves quickly, they insure that their captives can never properly organize themselves.

Slaves are marched out of the swamps daily (under guard and blindfold, naturally) to work for the Dhazzir on various surface projects. These include farming, logging, and strip-mining nearby regions. The fruits of these labors are shipped directly along the Darkchain and below the surface, where they become a luxury item for the subterranean Dhazzir.

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