Darkchain Towers

From World of Charun

Two towers rise up about the Stormy Cliffs, nearly two-hundred feet in height each. Their shiny black composition is mystifying and their structure and design seem to defy all modern construction methods. Jagged black spires seem to float without support, ringed round by an impressive wall, forming a significant obstacle. This is the work of Dhazzir, the dark elves, and their like has been seen by few before.

After the Dhazzir sacked Stormwood Keep, they took the presented opportunity to expand and exploit surface resources. In order to do so, they first needed to secure their gains and fortify their position. To That end, in 55 IV they began construction of an imposing pair of towers; one in the foothills near the Swamp that would later become Darkchain Swamp, and one higher in the Stormy Cliffs, not far from the ruined keep. Shortly thereafter, a slave camp was hastily established in the swamp, allowing troops stationed at the lower tower to oversee captured workers. Together, these towers afford the Dhazzir a commanding view of the area and allow for quick signaling and communication between the surface and the Deep Dark. Because of this, despite the fact that each tower houses only a few scores of soldiers, reinforcements are always close at hand.

Collectively, these two towers are known as the Darkchain Towers, each representing a link in Dhazzir control over the surface. From them, Dhazzir issue forth to raid nearby settlements for slaves and plunder. Most of these slaves end up in the nearby Darkchain Slave Camp. There, they are put to work harvesting surface resources to be shipped belowground. The remainder of the slaves are sent underground as well; few know exactly what becomes of them, and even fewer want to.

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