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Tribal Territory


The grasslands located in the heart of the Western Lands, along with the northeastern foothills of the Foggy Peaks, go under the name Dazakia. The realm is named after the dozen warlike tribes who inhabit the region, effectively claiming it their own.

The grasslands of Dazakia are home to deer, wild horses and large packs of wolves. As the region offers much food, but little shelter, there is no large concentration of animals anywhere, resulting in the Dazak dwelling on the plains during summertime to live a nomadic existence. Herding cows and sheep, they move around the flat grasslands, preying on both animals and people unwise enough to enter their realm. The Dazak seem to have learned a lesson from the loss of the Trail of Gold. While they will still impale any enemy who resists being robbed, they will generally leave peaceful travellers alive after being robbed, in the hopes that they will come through to be robbed again. The Dazaks have retained their custom of abducting children to be adopted and raised within their tribes, a subject which as inspired several well-known plays in more civilized regions.

It's also been speculated, of course, that while the halflings who now live with the Dazak tribes are just as good at robbery, their small stature makes the impaling process more trouble than it's worth. The so-called "grass halflings" are vastly more likely to enslave adult travellers for sale elsewhere than to go through the trouble of hoisting them up onto stakes. While that's better than dying a humiliating and brutally-slow death through internal bleeding, the Grass Halflings have done little to soften the Dazaks' image. Now that the Trail of Gold no longer enters Dazakia, few foreigners do, either.

The other part of Dazakia lies in the twists of the mountains and valleys of the eastern Foggy Peaks. This is where their sacred town, Palir, is located, a fortified settlement home to the Dazak King and several temples.

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