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Dying can be a shocker
Dying can be a shocker

A character brought below 0 Stamina will fall prone and begin bleeding, continuing to lose Stamina. Sooner or later death will occur, unless a comrade manages to heal the wounded one.

When Stamina reaches the negated value of a given character's constitution score, the character dies and his soul departures to Gesana, the death realm, where upon the custom WoC Death System is in force.

WoC Death System

The main objective of the death system is to make it fit with the overall atmosphere of the world. Resurrections, often seen in other settings, should be extremely rare, performed by a selected few high priests or through ancient scrolls found in the deepest and most remote parts of the world. Death is thus permanent, unless fate interferes through a feature called Fate Points.

Each character starts the game with three Fate Points, which can be used to avoid death. Thus you can die three times "for free". Useage of a Fate Point simply represents the character being left for dead by his foe. There are other uses for Fate Points as well, and additional ones can be earned through extra-ordinary quests or events.

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Dying Permanently

Permanent death awaits a character that dies without having any Fate Points left. This means that the character has truly died with his soul being sent to the death realm to be judged. It may seem unfair to have a character that one may have invested a lot of time and effort in be taken away and made unplayable. It can at times kill inspiration, make you angry or even bit sad. However, that is the nature of a roleplaying game. Characters are not immortal - that is reserved for gods and not mortals. WoC leans in that sense more so towards a game of Pen and Paper roleplay, rather than to a computer game.

If characters were infact immortal, it would take away the nerve of the game, encouraging foolish risks and soloing. Having a high level character would then only be a matter of how much time one would spend online.

Permanent death adds a sense of realism to the game. It makes life precious, as well as trusted companions and tactics in combat vital in order to prevail. Threats are truly dangerous, since a character can die. This also makes high level characters rare and respected - exactly as they should be.

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