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The Death at Dusk is a monastic order of assassination - one of the most lethal and secretive assassin orders in Charun. It is said to consist out of monks who dedicate their lives to the order, living ascetic lives in celibacy and without fear for death. It is not known how their services are hired, or how they are contacted. One thing that is known though, is that whoever is contracted to assassination by them is as good as dead. It is said that they never fail and if one of their assassins is slain, another one is sent the day after to complete the task.


Birth: Unknown
Founder: Unknown
Members: Unknown
Purpose: Assassin Order
Leader: Unknown
Head Quarters: Believed to be in the Snowy Peaks, location unknown
Area of Operation: All across Charun.
Symbol: A sword silhouette upon a full moon


Assassin orders of great skill always walked hand in hand with the development and expansion of the Nar-Ago Empire in the Third Age. However, none ever reached the same reputation, skill or determination as the Death at Dusk. It is not known when the Death at Dusk order was founded or by who, some even say that representatives came across the seas from the Eastern Lands to found a temple of assassination here. One thing is for certain, it is an ancient order, perhaps even pre-dating the now fallen realm of Nar-Ago.

For long it was thought that the order had perished along with Nar-Ago and with the Cataclysm, but it didn't take long before it was proven otherwise.

Not much is known about them, but the tales and legends circulating around them are countless. It is said that their temple is located far up in the Snowy Peaks, upon a sloping mountain where the snow never melts away. Just the journey there would kill an ordinary man. The path to the temple is said to go across a thousand chasms that are covered and hidden, creating a labyrinth where one false step would send you screaming down a 300 feet chasm. Some say that the assassins can stand motionless in a hiding place, waiting for their victim for days without water or food. They supposedly mix every meal they eat with poison, keeping their resistance on an immunity level. Little is known for a fact though. Any of their assassins commits suicide before capture and if one is captured alive, they bite their tongues off and take the first opportunity they get to die. One story tells of an assassin that threw himself with great precision towards the horns of an ox, impaling himself and dying the moment after.

The Death at Dusk generates victims of many kinds, not only those get assassinated by them. Small settlements along the foothills of the Snowy Peaks are victims of their ways of recruiting. Small children, often babies, disappear during nights, stolen to be raised by the monks to fearless killing machines. These babies are also victims, victims of inhuman and cruel trials that naturally select the strongest individuals. Tales tell of the babies being thrown into the snow until one fourth has died out of the cold. The remaining ones are then injected with mild poison, still strong enough to kill yet one fourth. Those that survive are subjected to the training of an assassin, a trial in itself that kills half of those that begin it. These callous ways of selection result in the deadliest assassins on Charun.

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