Dhazzir Names

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Dhazzir language is believed to be distantly related to that of the Mórail. It is, however, a much harsher sounding tongue.


Naming Patterns

Dhazzir names consist out of a prefix and one or two suffixes. Female names always have the vowel -a or -e added to the last suffix.


  • Az'rak'onym = "Word of the travelling zealot" (az-rak-onym = travelling-zealot-word). The female form would either be Az'rak'onyma, or Az'rak'onyme.



az = moving, blowing, travelling

az' harr = flying arrow

ahlaz = luck

avra = to track, tracker, scout

anhizz = prayer

ar = city

akhas = beloved, best, first

aruz = lightning, powerful

ari = legendary, singing, song

ang = beast, monstrous, savage

ardul = blessed, divine, godly

ash = great

azun = crypt, dead, deadly, death

B, C, D

bae = fate, fated, luck, lucky

bzal =graceful, fluid, water, wet

bruh = burned, burning, fire, flame

briz = craft, crafty, sly

bhin = earth, stable

chasz = sick, venom, venomed

char = infested, plague

cal = cold, ice, still

dha = creator (as in god), divine

dil = dream, dreaming, fantasy

dirz = ash, dawn, east, eastern

draiz = chaos, mad, madness

E, F, G

eclav = mórail, far, lost

elauz = mage, power

erel = eye, moon, spy

erth = steel, resolute

fazr = oath, sworn, vow

fil = pale, thin, weak, white

gauz = saurian, treacherous

ghazz = conquest

ghuan = dread, fear, feared, vile

gin = friend, spider

gul = accursed, curse, unlucky

H, I, J, K

harr = arrow, lance, pierced

hatz = berserk, berserker, urman, wild

hal = ghost, pale, unliving

houn = marked, trail, way

iziv = deft, nimble, spider

izim = magic, ring, staff

ilph = life, living, spirit, soul

ih = many

ihz = enchanted, spell

izt = emerald, green, lush, tree

jaz = devoted, heart, love

jhael = arcane, mystic, wizard

jhul = liege, war, warrior

jeyz = hidden, mask, masked

khi = dark

L, M, N

larn = water

lael = endless, immortal

lar = shield, warded

lahz = ambitious, clan, kin, family

lihz = charmed, rune, symbol

lhua = hard, steel, unyielding

malag = lost, poison, widow

mahz = brand, branded, owned, slave

micaz = blue, storm, thunder, wind

moghol = legend, legendary, mythical

myr = iron, west, western

nath = bright, crystal, light

nhez = lesser, minor, second

nhi = to watch, watcher, observer, to observe

nhil = mystery, secret

neer = binding, bound, law, lawful

nhul = beautiful, beauty, silver

O, P, Q

ozor = lost, skeleton, skull

phezal = doom, doomed, fate

phaer = cunning, genius, mind, thought

phyr = fear, horrible, horror, outraged

quaz = core, root, strong

quar = sad, tear, weeping

quev = skin, tattoo, tattooed

quil = north, platinum, wind

rauv = honor, honored

rinn = fortress

riz = bless, blessed, blessing

S, T, U

szor = dragon, lithe, rage, wyrm

sab = deep, hidden, south, southern

shin = black, dark, darkness

shri = dusk, haunted, shadow

shur = demon, fiend, fiendish

shuz = bold, hero, heroic

szin = abyss, deep, profound

szah = blood, body, flesh

suzh = gold, golden, treasure

talab = ancient, elder, respected

tar = bat, winged

triez = faith, faithful, true

teb = love, pain, wound, wounded

tzerr = devil, infernal

ulvz = blade, sharp, sword

umrael = forgotten, old, unknown

uz' aea = war

V, W, X, Y, Z

vzal = servant, slave

vzaluz' aea = weapon

vul' larn = large body of water

vezs = mighty, ocean, sea

vic = aged, eternal, time

vizz = sex, passion, drug, intoxication, addiction

vier = cave, rock, stone

vul = large, great, vast

wod = dagger, edge, stiletto

waer = amber, yellow

wruz = charmed, docile, friend

xul = foe, caver, slave

xuz = festival, joy, pleasure

yaz = blue, midnight, nigh

zaht = arcane, magic

zuathan = leader

zar = fool, foolish, young

zhi = within, from, born from, originate from

zekh = foretold, omen

zsz = invisible, skilled, unseen

zilz = learned, skilled, wise

zuhzal = riddle, spinning, thread, web

zurr = burn, burning, fire

zrah = humble, third, trivial

zrur = blooded, crimson, ruby



-agh = breaker, destruction

-ac = savant, scholar, wizard

-aun = dancer, player

-aer = bane, executioner, slayer

-af = blood, blood of, heir

-afay = eyes, eyes of, diviner

-az = walker

-azzarr = mother, birthgiver

-azr = agent, assassin, killer

-azt = bearer, keeper, slaver

-car = increased, stronger

-cic = advisor, counselor to

-cil = guards, guardian, guardian of

-cyrl = lunatic, maniac, manic, rage

D, E, F

-dar = guardian, guard, shield

-drin = born of, child, young

-dir = ally, companion, friend

-dr = illusionist, trickster

-drir = initiate, sister/brother

-drin = mother/father, teacher

-dril = lover, match, mate

-er = warder

-erd = rogue, stealer

-eyl = scout, stalker

-ffyn = weapon, weapon of

-fryn = taker

I, J, K

-iar = giver, patron

-ic = knight, sword, warrior

-idil = minstrel, singer

-iir = binder, judge

-inil = artist, expert

-in = apostle, disciple

-inh = plural

-jur = harbinger, herald

-jss = messenger

-kach = crafter

-kah = beast

-kiir = seeker

L, M, N

-lay = caller

-lar = lover

-mic = gambler

-myr = spy, witness

-mur'ss = necromancer

-naz = adept

-nar = rider

-nih = undisputed

-nilez = messenger, prophet

-niss = hunter

-nozz = strider

-nitr = finder

-net = protector

-nolu = architect, founder, mason

O, Q, R

-olin = runner

-oni = comrade

-onim = breath, voice, word

-oyss = drinker

-omph = artisan

-qualyn = loner, outcast

-quarr = heretic, rebel, riot, void

-quiri = sage, teller

-r = increased, stronger

-raen = acolyte, apprentice, student

-rar = custodian, marshal

-raem = creator, starter

-ruen = forger, smith

-rii = poisoner, scorpion

-rak = scourge, whip, zealot

-ral = mistress/master

-ril = diviner, fate, future, oracle

-riin = slayer

-reez = nomad

-ros = dweller, live in

-ryn = miner

-rysn = cutter, gem, jewel, jeweler

S, T, U

-shalez = skinner

-ssysn = spinner, weaver

-stin = digger, mole, tunnel

-str = slasher

-tan = still

-ton = dreamer

-thar = graceful

-tar = one who shows the way

-thrau = champion, victor

-tel = eater, eat

-tyrr = leader

-ual = charmer, seducer

-uez = biter, stinger

-uit = swimmer, swim

-unez = darken, to make darker

-uqu = to write, writer, scribe

-urr = to surface, one who surfaces

V, W, X, Y, Z

-vas = renegade

-ven = wanderer

-vayas = ranger

-vyll = to pray, prayer

-vyraez = sacrifice, sacrificer of

-vyr = devotion, devoted

-waez = rival

-whraez = wielder

-wiir = experienced

-whriir = elder

-wyss = whisper, whisperer

-whrys = blooded

-xaez = witch

-xzaer = ghost, spirit

-xen = sneak, sneaker

-xzen = prowler

-xyr =lurker

-xzyr = darkness

-yl = mercenary

-ylen = raider

-yln = outlaw

-ymm = poet

-ynyon = listen, listener

-ynd = watch, watcher

-yrd = dweomer

-ynraez = sorcerer, spell

-yraen = abjurer

-vraez = follower

-yrr = enemy

-zal = owner, user, the one performing the act

-zirr = people, people of

-zyn = into chaos

-zt = chosen one

House Names

The Dhazzir use House Names as surnames. A House Name is identical to a male's name, except that they all begin with Sh- (of-) and end with -zuz (house).


  • Sh'jhael'er'zuz (sh-jhael-er-zuz) = "House of the Warders of the Arcane" (of-arcane-warder-house)

The full name of the male dhazzir in the example would thus be:

  • Az'rak'onym Sh'jhael'er'zuz


Titles, such as nobility and military ranks, are not used in naming patterns. They are used as suffixes to the name, except for "Chal" which is an honourary word equalent to "sir". It can be used instead of a name, and is often used by soldiers to officers.


  • Az'rak'onym'Imar = Commander Az'rak'onym

Dhazzir Titles

Chal = noble, sir, lady/lord

-Al = healer, priestess/priest

-Imar = commander

-Isst = queen/prince, queen of/prince of

-Ithr = matriarch/patriarch, ruler

-Irahc = baron, duke, lady/lord

-Rau = ruler

-Ruh = A title given to gods meaning "divine".

-Ruzz = A title added only to divinities, meaning "god of".

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