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Faith Unchanged

The Endless was unaffected by the Cataclysm that tore apart Charun, ending the Third Age and letting in the New Powers that have ever since gained attention and worship. This is reflected in the faiths and deities found in the world below, due few New Powers have managed to gain a foothold there. The Dhazzir are among the most religiously conservative group of all races, and the New Powers are effectively ignored among them. They have kept their faith intact, with an unchanged pantheon and ceremonies dating back to ancient times.

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The Dhazzir are aware of all the Old Gods worshipped on the surface, but they only give attention to a number of them - those that directly affect them in one way or another. The rest are considered "Outside" or "Surface" deities, not worthy of wasting time on.


Human Name: Gesanis

Azun'Ruzz translates "God of Death". Death is ever present and an often used tool in the callous culture of the Dhazzir, but few of them are ignorant of their own demise. They are no less life-loving than the inhabitants of the surface. Therefore the god is not worshipped, but rather seen as an unfortunate end of things.


Human Name: Zurkan

Dhaz'zaht translates "Creator of Magic". The Dhazzir believe that when the world still was young, this god recognised great potential in their kin, more so than in any other race at the time. He decided to teach them the arcane arts and the students were very quick to learn. Dhaz'zaht is one of two deities worshipped in the Unfathomable Caste, with Tzerr'Rau being the other one.

The priests of Dhaz'zaht are reckognised from their flowing silvery-grey robes.


Human Name: Kiazzar

Khi'azzarr translates "Dark Mother", and she is the Dhazzir creator goddess. She has been unquestioned, hailed and revered throughout the Ages, with the grandest of temples and most powerful clergies within the Dhazzir communities.

The priests of Khi'azzarr are all female, dressing in black and wearing purple jewelry.


Human Name: Slaine

Shurr'ghazz'Ruzz translates "Demon God of Conquest" and he is the Dhazzir war-god who is believed to both possess an unmatched strategical mind, as well as the undoubtetly greatest ferocity and skill in combat. The Dhazzir believe that the god uses the form of a huge shadowy demon in combat, and it is to him prayers are offered before battle.

All priests of Szor'ghazz'Ruzz are male. They wear blood-red armour and carry martial weapons.


Human Name: Zimara

Teb'iar'Ruha translates "Divine Patroness of Pain" or "Divine Dealer of Pain". The Dhazzir bear a strong sadistical trait, and the faith of Teb'iar'Ruha circles around pain in various forms. The majority of the Dhazzir take pleasure from tormenting a victim, but it is also an intimate way of worship, where the caused pain is believed to act as a form of prayer.

All the priests of Teb'iar'Ruha are female, and they dress in intimidating, yet sensual clothing.


Human Name: Garagor

Tzerr'Rau translates "Ruler of Devils", or "Infernal Ruler". He is considered the most cunning and sly of the Dhazzir gods, mastering intelligence, charm and violence, trough which he maneuvers matters into his bidding. It is no surprise that he is the favourite deity of Dhazzir lords involved in political intriques. Tzerr'Rau is one of two deities worshipped by the Unfathomable Caste, with Dhaz'zaht being the other one.

The priests of Tzerr'Rau hide their features behind ellaborate, often smiling masks, decorated with gems and precious metal.


Human Name: Hedonia

Vizz'Isste translates "Queen of Passion", where passion stands for intoxication, sex, addiciton and drug-use. She is one of the most popular deities among the Dhazzir, to whom she represents the good side of life. Her temples are centres of such vulgarity that even the most hardened Hedonians of the surface would be chocked.

The priests of Vizz'Isste are all female, and they wear very little to no clothing at all, besides jewelry and body paint.


Human Name: Saindam

Vzal'Ruzz translates "God of Servants and Slaves", and he is as despised and looked down upon as the Mórail of the surface, to whom he is the god of creation. Vzal'Ruzz is a common ingredient in jokes and insults among the Dhazzir.

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