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Those of evil hearts are known to cooperate with others if they either are forced to it by someone stronger, or if they benefit from it. The latter was most definitely the case when a blackguard, a black dragon and the Dhazzir joined forces in a cunning scheme to conquer Elmwood in 903 III.

The Dhazzir have always been keen on getting their hands on resources found on the surface. Elmwood and Stormwood had through the years experienced this several times. The Dhazzir preferred the use of sheer force until they were defeated in the Great Dhazzir War between 633 and 634 III. Ever since then they used stealth, ambushes and even complicated schemes, as in this case.

Trouble in Teardrop

Dhazzir Assassin
Dhazzir Assassin

In 903 III reports of Dhazzir sightings around the village of Teardrop began circulating in Elmwood. There had been no confrontations, and as soon as they had been spotted the dark elves had fled. It did not worry the inhabitants though, since no large Dhazzir force could manage to come through the narrow Stormwood Pass in the Stormy Cliffs without being noticed, which would result in them being crushed in between the knights of Stormwood and the army of Elmwood. This was common knowledge, both with the men and the dark elves.

Much more worrying events had taken place. A black dragon had been seen several times, diving down from the sky, stealing cattle and flying off. The Chancellor of Elmwood had decided not to send any troops after it, since no one knew how far from the borders of Elmwood it flew and with the Dhazzir around he did not want to risk leaving the village without protection. This posed the mayor of Teardrop with a problem, a real problem, for a mayor of Teardrop had certain responsibilities. He was to protect the village from any threat that the army of Elmwood could not and this was such an occasion.

Death of the Mayor

One morning the farmers from around the village had gathered outside the mayor’s house, demanding him to solve the dragon problem. The door opened and the mayor stepped out, with his armour on and sword in hand. After asking for aid and having no one join him, he set out in the direction the dragon had last seen take off. That was the last time the mayor was seen alive.

After two weeks had passed with no sign of the mayor, a group of adventurers decided to go out looking for him. They found him, or rather what was left of him, half a day’s walk from the village. It seemed that he had found the dragon, and the dragon must have been hungry.

Gungrim Bearsoul
Gungrim Bearsoul

The village of Teardrop had a problem, or actually two problems. A dragon was pestering them and it was just a matter of time before it began killing people, and they had no mayor to deal with it. The village council decided therefore that the person that killed the dragon would be elected the mayor of Teardrop. A huge barbarian from the Northlands, Gungrim Bearsoul, that had stayed in the village over the last month stepped forth and offered to track down and slay the wyrm.

The next morning he headed out to find the dragon, with the adventurers that dared to accompany him to witness the deed. They found tracks and followed them into the mountains surrounding Stormwood Keep, and just before nightfall they spotted the black dragon in a pass, feeding on a cow. Gungrim ordered all to stay back and watch, as he fearlessly charged the huge reptile. The battle was short, with the dragon failing to hit the barbarian even once. Gungrim on the other hand swung his axe at it with great precision, and soon the beast fell. Some of the adventurers were about to rush forth to look closer at the dragon, but then a sudden rockslide forced them to retreat, effectively blocking the path to the dead dragon.

Gungrim returned in triumph to Teardrop, where he was hailed as the new mayor. Some adventurers were suspicious though…they thought the dragon had fallen much too easily, and the rockslide had been awfully convenient. They began spying on the new mayor, and happened to see him having secret meetings with the Dhazzir. When the news reached the ears of the heroes and adventurers dwelling in Elmwood Keep, they decided to seek the barbarian and question him about his actions. They arrived in Teardrop just in time to catch Gungrim on his way from the village. He denied any involvement with the Dhazzir and stated that he had urgent matters to deal with before running off.

The adventurers followed him to the eastern shores of the Fierce Sea, where they found Gungrim discussing with the black dragon that looked very much alive. They could clearly hear them go over the details of an agreement.

Plot of Evil

Apparently the Dhazzir had figured out the value of controlling Teardrop, since it was from there Elmwood reinforcements would be called to attack them if they would come down along Stormwood Pass. If they controlled Teardrop, they would be able to invade Elmwood with much more ease, only having to hold their ground against the knights of Stormwood.

Thus they had made a deal with Gungrim, who in fact was a blackguard of Garagor, where they offered to give him the position of Mayor of Teardrop if he would cooperate with them. Gungrim naturally agreed and willingly accepted the offer of becoming mayor. The next step had been to remove the current mayor and enable Gungrim’s entry to the office.

The Dhazzir had contacted a young black dragon who dwelled in the Stormy Cliffs, looking for his own territory. They offered to help him in defeating the copper dragon Zah’Zombo that dwelled on the eastern Fierce Sea coast, thus giving him the territory – IF he agreed on doing them a few favours, such as causing panic through stealing cows and feigning death by the hand of Gungrim. The dragon was young and greedy….and agreed after some hesitation.

The Dhazzir took care of the mayor, killed him and made it look as if he was slain by a dragon. They also caused a rockslide so no one could inspect the dragon that feigned death.

Everything had gone as planned, and now Gungrim and the dragon waited for the Dhazzir warriors to arrive, so they could attack and kill the copper dragon. Little did they know that dozen adventurers readied themselves for battle behind a cliff not far away.

Saliya Arsay moments after killing the black dragon
Saliya Arsay moments after killing the black dragon

They charged the dragon and Gungrim, a fight that would have cost them their lives if it would not have been for Zah’Zombo, the copper dragon that was alerted by the sounds. He arrived at the scene and killed Gungrim Bearsoul, while the heroes fought the dragon. It was Saliya Arsay, a half-elven warrior from Teardrop, who finally struck the killing blow that ended the black dragon’s life.

A few months later, in Airin 904 III, Saliya Arsay was elected mayor of Teardrop. Only two years later, in Giarda 906 III, she was found murdered in her home. The investigation led the officials to believe that the killer was searching for something, for all containers were left open and searched by the assassin. The killer was found and killed a month later by Lieutenant Hredson and his companions Elendil and Ellendel Creekbare. He was revealed when overheard discussing his deed with another man in an alley. The motive behind mayor Saliya Arsay´s murder was never revealed.

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