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Lost Teachings

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Outside Gods

The traditional dwarven pantheon recognises and shares the majority of the gods found in the world, save Destiana, Giardain, Hedonia, Saindam, Sirine and Zimara, who have probably been forgotten about across the ages, since they have not affected their kin much. Today they are simply known as "outside" gods amongst the dwarves. There are, however dwarves who recognise and even pray to some of these "outside" gods in the Fourth Age, mainly amongst the Unor.

Nuria - White Lady of Death

Human name: Airi

The dwarves have traditionally disliked the thought of living under the sky out of various reasons. Nuria is one of them. Having a Goddess making things even more difficult is not what a dwarf “stranded” under the sky wishes for. The dwarves of the Fourth Age have learned to deal with having to live under the sky, as well as with Nuria. However, it does not mean that they like her, save perhaps a few Nurun up north.

Furumthan Whitebeard - Father of Honour

Human Name: Brunir

Honour is a very important part of Clainthuror life and society. The Father of Honour was therefore a popular God in the mountain kingdoms, and he is still hailed highly by surviving Clainthuror dwarves. He is also the brother of Clainthur Hammerfist, The Creator of the Dwarven Race and the ruler of the Gods. The Unor dwarves on the other hand consider him a worthless power of ancient times.

Grumthar, The Lord of the Pit

Human Name: Garagor

A righteous dwarf despises this God. Grumthar represents everything that is not honourable and a honourless dwarf is a shunned dwarf - unless you're an Unor dwarf.

The Last Lord

Human Name: Gesanis

When a dwarf dies he is faced with the Last Lord at his great Throne of Skulls, where it will be decided upon what plain of existence his soul will be sent to.

Migarin Steelhelm, The Lawmaker

Human Name: Haerian

Those that fail to follow rules and regulations are too elflike - and that can never be a good thing. Every dwarven court used to have a statue of Migarin Steelhelm towering above the heads of those on trial. The Unor dwarves position Steelhelm in the same worthless category as Whitebeard.

The Black Bitch of the Dark

Human Name: Kiazzar

Deep under the mountain kingdoms of old lies realms both hated and feared by the dwarves. Evil creatures roam there and worst of these all are the Dhazzir. The Black Bitch of the Dark is their patroness and she does all in her power to lead astray any poor dwarf that sets his boot in her realm.

Varundin Earthmover, Destroyer of Kingdoms

Human Name: Randar

"There is as much good coming out of this as out of the arse of Varundin Earthmover", is an old dwarven saying. This God is not liked at all and any dwarf having the guts to confess worshipping him, would probably end up dead. Varundin Earthmover was the greatest threat towards the mountain kingdoms of old. He could destroy one quicker than a warrior braided his beard. The Unor dwarves on the other hand have grown to appriciate Varundin, probably because it is very much against old traditions to do so.

Korthor Six-Arms, Battlefather

Human Name: Slaine

"War is good - as long as you can choose when to fight", is a common say amongst the dwarven warriors and military. A dwarf not saying a silent (or loud!) prayer to Korthor before a battle would be a rare sight indeed.

Clainthur Hammerfist, The Creator

Human Name: Thilias

Dwarves regard this God as their creator and the supreme ruler amongst the deities. He has throughout the Ages been the most popular God and many dwarves still carry a hammer around their necks to praise him.

Traditional prayer to Hammerfist: Pledge of the Mountain

Thralkir Axeless

Human Name: Zurkan

Most dwarves are nervous around the subject of this god, unless they are practitioners of arcane crafts. The very essence of a God that represents lethal powers, without needing a hammer or an axe to enforce them can be troubling…

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