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Josephine Babineux
Josephine Babineux

The Eagle's Ruin was formed by persons who saw the need of co-operation in order to succeed with their individual goals in the Old Land, that is heavily influenced by the Church of Brunir.


Birth: 359 IV
Founders: Vashan the Drak, Kegal, Josephine Babineux
Members: 7, in addition to the founders are Montsho, Ehkash, Viplav Rajani and Nithila.
Purpose: Destruction of the Brunites, downfall of Sanctia and the founding of a new nation, Wyvernum.
Leader: Josephine Babineux
Head Quarters: Shadowhold
Area of Operation: The Old Land
Symbol: Black wyvern on a green background.


The Beginning

In 359 IV a gathering of three adventurers sat down and realised that neither one of them would reach their own individual goals with the reigning Brunite influence in the Old Land. They were Vashan the Drak, a sorcerer-piest of Drakfar, Kegal, a necromancer and Josephine Babineux, an aspiring champion of Garagor. The group decided that there was strength in numbers and that they should actively recruit new members. Soon thereafter they were joined by Monthso, a dark priest of Gesanis and Viplav Rajani, an eastern warlock. Later on Ehkash, a halfling joined them, followed by Nithila, an Eiothar of Moon Glade - even though the opinions if she volunteered or not part.

The group shared an intense hatred of the Brunites, or "blue-cloaks" as they called them. It was clear to them that the region had to be cleared of them, as well as others who could stand in their way.

The Rise to Power

The Eagle's Ruin plotted for the downfall of the Brunites of the Old Land. Their first step towards power was the successful take-over of Trade Town through killing the mercenary captain in charge, known as Bull. It was Josephine Babineux who killed the brutish warrior after a vicious knife-fight in the Sea of Sharks, where Bull had swam to avoid his assassins.

With Trade Town under their control, they proceeded their climb to power through skilled diplomacy and clever plans. They began to kill possible foes one-by-one, simultaneously as they built a great stronghold in the Wild Hills. Needless to say, this display of power concerned others in the region, such as Arathion Brightblade, Tyren Darkstar and Randvar Leikrson with his allies of Nyhavn. They quickly grew into bitter enemies of the Eagle's Ruin, with many skirmishes and conflicts as a result.

The fortress when built was named "Shadowhold" and the land it stood in "Ruin's Peak". Josephine had a vision of a nation, Wyvernum, that would stretch out over the northern parts of the Old Land. However, Cadman, commander of the Hill Folk host, soon began questioning their presence and plans, which led to a brief alligiance in order to avoid a conflict.


The group were tactical master-minds, but they made one decissive mistake. They encountered a force of Sanctian knights in the Wild Hills, whom they killed even though they could have avoided the conflict. This set the ball rolling and soon there was a war raging across the Wild Hills, with the Hill Folk and Shadowhold on one side, and Sanctia on the other. Randvar Leikrson and Tyren Darkstar quickly decided to aid Sanctia in the conflict, seeing a chance to rid the region of their nemesis.

After joining Lord Raze, an abyssal knight, in an alligiance they further raised the stakes. They lured the epic hero Eothewar, who had defended Sanctia since it's birth, into the Wild Hills where they attacked him together with Lord Raze. Both the knight and the mighty wizard were slain in the battle, but they had reached their goals. One of their greatest threats had been removed and the outcome of the war seemed more beneficial than in a long time.

The Fall

In a large battle at Shadowhold's gates in 362 IV the attacking Sanctian knights were defeated and their allied adventurers captured. Randvar Leikrson, Tyren Darkstar among others were confined within the fortress, petrified and prepared for shipment to the Three Isles and to certain death. What changed the course of history was Cadman's decission to switch sides. The commander of the Hill Folk host captured Josephine Vashan and Kegal, handing them over to Sanctia as a sign of friendship. This ended the war between the Hill Folk and Sanctia, but it was a killing blow on the Eagle's Ruin.

The gathering was shattered, with Josephine, Vashan and Kegal in prison. Montsho hid in the wild and Nithila had sought refuge in Teardrop. However two of the members, Ehkash and Viplav were freed of charges by Sanctia.

Kegal escaped, but Vashan was hanged in Larmenius. Josephine Babineux was to face the same fate, but she was instead killed during her escape, along with Montsho.

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