Elundar Lightfoot

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Elundar Lightfoot has always been known as a strikingly foppish Niemathar with black silken costumes of utmost quality. His long, red hair is usually well groomed and a faint scent of perfume always surrounds him.

It is not known when Elundar was born, but it was probably in around 790 III. He grew up in Green Glade, home of the Niematharin. Very little is known of his time there, and he avoids the subject himself. One can suppose that he had difficulties adjusting to the Mórail way of life, for he left the Glade a in his late teens. Elundar wandered the lands of men and took a liking to the race. He lacked the patience of his own kin, and in humans he found the same energy and lust for fast life that lived within his own heart and mind.

The first documented event concerning Elundar took place in 809 III on Diamond Isle, where a wealthy merchant claimed to have seen him escape through a window on the third floor with the merchants gem collection. The merchant's word stood, however, against Elundar´s and the three ladies´ that he claimed to have spent that particular night with and the charges were dropped. Soon thereafter a wave of spectacular burglaries took place on Diamond Isle, all executed with extreme skill. The word on the streets was that "Lightfoot", as he was called, was responsible. Nothing was ever proved, but the scent of perfume left at the scenes of the crime had even the guards keeping a close eye on him.

After spending a few years on the Three Isles, Elundar began travelling across Charun in search for thrill and challenges. Many great tales are told of his adventures, both by friends and foes.

His fame grew into a legend, as Elundar outlived and outshone most heroes of the world. The suspicions of him somehow figuring out the longevity secret of the Mórail was finally confirmed in 890 III, when he bedded four women at once in Kadar. Not a wrinkle was said to cover his handsome face.

Vanishing briefly during the turmoil of the Cataclysm, Elundar began making appearences again around the year 30 IV. His wits and carefree attitude had been darkened somewhat, due the aftermath of the Cataclysm was not to his liking. Very little is known about his whereabouts during the first centuries of the Fourth Age. Few sightings of him were made, even though most spectacular burglaries were blamed on Lightfoot.

The fourth century saw several appearences of Elundar in the Old Land. Even though he was a mere shadow of his former self, usually short of coin and constantly with a bottle of wine in his hand, he was nevertheless an imposing figure. It is said that the Mórail longevity requires a heavy price, and it could have been what was showing.

It is rumoured that Elundar withdrew to the Green Glade around 550 IV, seeking councel and aid due to the problems he was experiencing due to his longevity. Some even say that he had attempted to take his own life the year before. It is believed that he joined the cult of Burthios as a Wardancer, becoming the King's bodyguard - a position he held for decades. The Niematharin themselves say that he finally sought solitude in the deeper parts of the forest, trying to heal his damaged mind. Elundar's legend had by then grown into a myth among humans, recited by poets and actors.

Reports of a person believed to be Lightfoot began circulating again in 991 IV, when a Mórail fitting his description was seen in various establishments on the Three Isles. The fraud was soon called out by various bravos eagre to sink their rapiers into Mórail flesh. After fighting 29 duels within one hour, whilst holding a bottle of wine in his left hand, and his trademark sword, the "Lick of Death" in his right, his identy was confirmed. Elundar was back.

Having missed his life of excitement, Elundar began travelling the world until he suddenly vanished from the face of Charun in 1020 IV. Nothing was heard from him, not by humans or the Niematharin. Most agreed on that Lightfoot must have finally met his death.

It wasn't until the year 1056 IV when his fate was revealed. A group of adventurers were captured by the Dhazzir of Darkchain Tower, and it was during their escape that they encountered a thin, tortured figure with savaged eyes in a cell. His head was shaven, and his eyesight nearly non-existing. After being healed by a Mórail priestess, Niathluthia, in the group, he located his swords and joined the escape.

Before vanishing over the wall, he replied when asked about his name:

"Elundar, my dear. I am Elundar!"

A year later, in Destan 1056 IV, Elundar is believed to have participated in the escape of the priestess who saved his life, Niathluthia, who had been given a death sentence in Sanctia.

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