Emir Magash

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314 IV -

The Wicked One

Emir Magash
Emir Magash

The town of Bardum is governed by the tyrannical Emir Ad-Magash ibn Shalûk, an incorrigible drunk with a foretaste for young boys and sadistical games. He is commonly called Emir Magash, or the "Wicked One" amongst the locals. Emir Magash is a cruel man known to order executions on a whim and to whip his slaves till death with great amusement. His huge palace, located in the Gardens, holds his throne room and chambers, where the servants and dancing girls (and boys), along with other playthings of the Emir dress in naught but jewelled necklaces.

Growing up in a wealthy home doesn't necessarily equal a healthy upbringing - especially in Bardum. Magash father was a notorious adulterer who brough both male and female lovers with him home. The few times his wife opposed this led to brutal beatings infront of young Magash and his siblings.

Magash claimed the throne of Bardum in 348 IV through having the preceding Emir assassinated. It mattered little to him that the victim infact was his own twin brother, Dugash ibn Shalûk. The fact that Magash is paranoid, fearing that he will suffer the fate of his brother, has so far resulted in two things; His own survival and the death of hundreds of innocents.

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