Eothewar Eletheas

From World of Charun

752 III - 362 IV

(Character played by Breezerr during the NWN1 installement of WoC)

High Evoker of the Ulutharin and Archmage of Sanctia

Eothewar Eletheas of House Aelaith is one of the most famed Ulutharin of today, and one who is reckognised for his deeds across the Western Lands. He left Sun Glade roughly two decades before the end of the Third Age, travelling to the nation of Elmwood, then a gathering-point for adventurers from all around the world. He quickly made himself a reputation as a skilled wizard and a principled opposer of evil.

Eothewar partook in many, by now, legendary quests and fought for Elmwood on more than one occasion in the wars that raged in the region. Most historians agree on that he played a vital role in how the world developed, both prior and after the Cataclysm. The wizard and his companions were present in the mayhem when Waki-Ago, capital of Nar-Ago, fell to Mogaroth forces, rescuing enough with Nar-Agi to ensure their survival to this day. He was one of the heroes that liberated Elmwood from their Mogaroth conquerers in the War of Elmwood, and he was also in the final battle against Abbadon the Destroyer, which launched the Cataclysm and ended the Third Age.

Guardian of Sanctia

However, the one achievement that sealed his fate till this day was when he accompanied Ruxellius de Larmenius to Stormwood that had more or less fallen to the Dhazzir, from where they rescued lore, artifacts and the survivors, bringing them to a fortress that was later to become Eagle's Sanctum. It is not known why he partook so whole-heartedly in Ruxellius de Larmenius' grand vision of rebuilding a Narghai nation (that led to the founding of Sanctia,) but it is believed that he decided to ensure the survival of atleast one righteous civilisation, due everything were falling apart around him by then. He has also been known to believe that evil can only be defeated by uniting as no one race is powerful enough to stand against the dark forces alone. His presence in Sanctia could thus be an attempt to build a bridge between the races of men and the Ulutharin.


With the nation degenerating over the centuries, he was known to be torn between the decission of staying or not - but he ended up remaining in Sanctia till his death. The reason behind this is not known, but is is suspected that he may have given his word to Ruxellius de Larmenius to protect the realm till his dying day.

Eotehwar was lured away by the Eagle's Ruin to the Wild Hills in 362 IV, where he was ambushed by them and the powerful Death Knight Raze. He was killed in the fight that erupted. However, he succeeded in slaying Lord Raze before his own death - ridding the Old Land of a great menace.

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