Evercloud Mountains

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Adventurers beset by worgs in the Evercloud Mountains
Adventurers beset by worgs in the Evercloud Mountains

Haunting and eerie winds wisp through the rugged and jagged gaps of grey rock that make up the Evercloud Mountains bordering to Narghal. They are a lifeless and death-ravaged wasteland, smothered by dense smog that dims the sun light almost completely. Lacking the sun, the mountains harbour only dead vegetation, which clings hopelessly into the rocks. Patches of brown grass and withered old trees are scattered throughout the desolate landscape.

Only two paths are known through the treacherous region, both well guarded and effectively sealing the routes shut. One path goes through the Stormy Cliffs that connect directly to the Evercloud Mountain range; it was through here the Narghali of old took to flee from the Vampires in the event known better as the Exodus. Slippery ledges and hazardous bridges crossing crevices and pits make it a dangerous journey across the mountains. The only other known route through the Evercloud Mountains is the Dead Gate, the former eastern gate of Narghal. Leading up to the gate lays the Forest of Lamentation, a particularly frightening part of the Evercloud Mountain range, and just as the forest breaks into a clearing massive dark-iron gates open into Narghal, the dusky land of the vampires.

Aside from the vast ranges of the Evercloud Moutains which alone makes a journey through them treacherous, there are many other threats that would seek to disrupt any band of adventurers that would brave the passages. The many routes are guarded by fearsome creatures, with many being under vampire command. Worgs, large wolves and even werewolves have been known to hunt all living souls that would tempt to cross the borders. In addition mindless zombies and animated skeletons haunt the rocky roads, sometimes accompanied by the vampire necromancers.

It is safe to say that the Evercloud Mountains are one of the most deadly places in Charun.

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