Exodus of the Narghali

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The Final Battle

The final battle between the knights of Narghal and the royal vampire army took place outside the gates leading into the city itself on the 16th day of Gesanar 5976 II. The plains are today known as the Plains of Final Defeat.

The war began with the vampires launching their initial attack right in the midst of the city in the very beginning of 5976 II, pouring out from the royal castle in great numbers and taking everyone by surprise. Almost all inhabitants were either slain or infected with vampirism, while the knights defending the citadel were mercilessly slain. The settlements outside of the city were warned by the few escaping the massacre and could therefore muster forces to defend themselves and begin the campaign of reclaiming the land to the people of Narghal.

During the following ten months the surviving Narghali battled the undead, successfully halting all of their attempts to leave the citadel itself. Now only the last and largest obstacle remained. The time had come, the time to free the Citadel of Narghal from the vampire king and his undead army.

It was Gesanar, the Month of the Dead. Light snowfall was brought down by cold winds from the Snowy Peaks. 500 knights and as many foot soldiers stood facing the gates that once lead into the beautiful city, the very birth of knighthood. All was quiet, except for the whispering wind and the rolling thunder from the dark clouds above that filled the plains with its malicious sound.

The Narghali forces were according to tradition commanded by the Order of Valour. It consisted out of the six generals of the army, with the king as the seventh member. This day saw the order divided into two factions - bitter enemies facing eachother on the battlefield. The vampires were led by King Ardain Moloth, who stood with three generals, now thirsting vampires by his side.

General Tremoel in prayer
General Tremoel in prayer

The three remaining members of the order led the forces of Narghal. Jzoar, a warrior priest of Haerian who was both feared and respected by his men, Tremoel, a paladin of Brunir who was a leader and role model in righteousness for many knights and Duane, a master tactician only bested by General Craithan who now faced him on the other side. The trio had known each other since their days in the military academy of Narghal. They had fought to keep the nation safe against all the threats surrounding them. Little did they know that the greatest threat of them all would come from within the royal castle.

The generals were confident, almost certain of victory this day. The vampires had proven to be weaker and fewer in number than expected. The petty forces sent to seek and destroy humans outside the citadel had been beaten with ease. This had given them time to prepare for this day, the day when the city of Narghal would be reclaimed and the evil undead put to rest once in for all.

They were wrong.

The battle was over before it even began. Too late did General Duane understand why they had met so little resistance outside the citadel and why they had been given ten months to rally all troops found in their nation. When he saw the overwhelming masses of vampires rush out through the gates he finally understood. They had been lured to summon all humans able to fight, lured to bring them all within reach of the Citadel, lured to gather all for a final slaughter!

When the foe poured through the gates, General Duane met the gaze of both Jzoar and Tremoel, the battle was lost and no words needed to be shared. Tremoel drew his mighty blade, a holy avenger blessed by the Overlord, and raised it high in the air. The vampires closing in on him halted for a short moment, blinded by its holy light. It was as if all motion came to a halt and all eyes were on the general holding his sword. He shouted out his last words:

“Remember this day fellow knights and men-at-arms! This was the day when Tremoel and his knights gave their lives to ensure the breed of mankind! Flee brethren and sisters! Flee and seek sanctuary far from the cradle of filth that our beloved nation has become!”

With those words he charged the masses of undead and he was closely followed by the 100 knights of his paladin order, known today as the Martyrs of Narghal. They fought with never before seen courage and strength, bearing the blessing of Brunir in their hearts and hindering the vampires from advancing. This gave the rest of the Narghali army an opportunity to escape certain death.

The Retreat

Duane and Jzoar ordered the remaining forces to retreat, and so they did. They fled the battle up into the Evercloud Mountains where they met up with the young and the elderly to continue their journey away from the vampires and out from Narghal. They travelled for four days, across the mountains and down into the valley south of them. Exhausted, devastated and defeated, they settled down to rest near the eastern shore of the Fierce Sea.

Not only had the battle and General Tremole with his 100 paladins been lost. The battle for their nation had been lost and Narghal lay in the hands of such evil that no army could ever reclaim it.

On the following day, Generals Duane and Jzoar, gathered their officers inside a large tent in the centre of the camp. It was time to decide how they were to ensure the survival of their race and what laws were needed to prevent a similar catastrophe from taking place again.

General Jzoar with Narghali Codex of Law
General Jzoar with Narghali Codex of Law

General Jzoar believed that in order to create a perfect society, laws had to be harsh and strictly enforced. No refusal to follow orders was to be tolerated. Putting faith in remorse and forgiving those that break the law would only lead to chaos in the end, a situation where no respect for order and the authorities would exist. Therefore he demanded to be elected the new ruler of the remaining Narghali. He vowed on that his kingdom would be ruled by a hard and unforgiving legal system, due Narghal had fallen because of the lack of such a system. If a new nation was to prevail in the harsh world, equally harsh laws and rulers would be needed.

General Tremoel´s sister, Miliam, was a high ranking officer and paladin who shared her martyr brother’s values in life. She disagreed with Jzoar, saying that Narghal fell due to evil, not due to faults in the legal system. She said that any new nation had to be of the purest good so no evil would ever get a foot-hold there. Such a nation should of course be ruled by the most righteous persons possible, an order of knights dedicated to Brunir.

General Duane was more concerned with gaining allies in order to counter future threats. Narghal had stood alone and been ripped to pieces by an enemy within. He said that a new society had to be founded on tolerance towards other races and neighbouring nations. An isolated community, regardless of laws or purity of heart, would perish sooner or later. Duane wanted to seek the elves that lived not so far south from where they were.

The Breaking Up

It all ended with General Jzoar holding a speech on the 27th day of Gesanar 5976 II, to the huge camp of refugees. He shared his vision and his belief in what would guarantee them a safe existence. When he was done, he had converted about one fifth of the commoners and one third of the soldiers into sharing his vision of a future nation. They left the camp and headed back north along the shores of the Fierce Sea, determined to fight any undead along the way and continue their journey until they found a suitable location for their new nation.

General Jzoar founded the nation of Arinthia 42 years later in 4 III.

General Tremoel´s sister, Miliam, was the next one to speak. She praised her brother and the 100 paladins that gave their lives to save the others. She withheld her opinion that a society had to be built on knightly virtues and be of such pureness of heart that evil would shun and fear it instead of infecting it. She had a vision of a new nation, a nation home to chivalry very much as Narghal had been, a nation ruled by knights of Brunir. When she was done, about one third of the commoners and half of the soldiers joined her cause. They left the camp and headed towards the mountainous region east of them.

Their descendants came to form the nation of Stormwood 289 years later in 251 III.

About one fifth of the soldiers remained in the camp, along with half of the commoners, when General Duane stood up to speak. He looked over the hungry and thirsty crowd and began his speech:

“I thank you all for placing such fate in me, without even having heard what I have to declare. Almost half of our brothers and sisters have left us, pursuing their vision. I do not share the beliefs of neither Jzoar nor Miliam fully enough to found a nation based on them. My vision is a different one. The Narghali may be strong in body and soul, but yet were we defeated in our own land. I believe that the weak must seek the strong for guidance and protection. I believe that in order to survive, we must seek sanctuary so we can regain our strength and build our power. You have all heard of the fair folk living south of here in great cities. I hear they are good at heart and bear no ill will towards those that offer no threat against them. I say we seek the elves and their cities for protection. If we gain an ally in them, we shall survive and thrive. That is the best and wisest option! I refuse to take you all into the wild, to sleep on the ground and hunt for food! I refuse to have our children go hungry and our elderly sleep in the rain! I will, however, not decide alone, due we are one people and one voice. Shall we seek the elves!?”

The crowd cheered and Duane ordered all to pack their things. The elven cities lay several days travel to the south and the journey would not be without peril.

Their descendants came to found the nation of Elmwood 150 years later in 112 III.

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