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The WoC XP System is there to encourage RP as well as keep the balance in the world.


Level Progression

A player character begins his career at level 1 after usually having spent years in training, as an apprentice, or living a certain lifestyle leading to his skills. The maximum attainable character level is 10, which is when the maximum BAB, BDB and Stamina is reached (exceptation through boons), leading to a realistic scenario without "superhumans".

Every character level from 1 to 10 requires more XP to reach in comparison to default NWN2. Each level also hands out lots of options for character development, making gaining a level a more fun and rewarding achievement than by default. Upon reaching level 10, the character will be able to purchase "Boons" with the xp exceeding 90000. The greater the Boon, the greater the cost. It will, however, not be possible to drop below 90000 in xp.

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XP Table

PCs gain XP according to the following table. It details the level gap and the amount of XP gained per kill. There are some modifiers to XP, based on the size of the party and the highest level partymember. Those modifiers can be found below.

This table details only the automatic XP awarded by the engine when killing a foe. Additional XP can be awarded by a DM or through successfully disarming a certain trap or picking a lock.

4> = 0 XP
3 = 1 XP
2 = 2 XP
1 = 4 XP
Equal = 12 XP
+1 = 15 XP
+2 = 19 XP
+3 = 24 XP
+4 = 30 XP
+5 = 37 XP
+6 = 45 XP
+7 = 54 XP
+8 = 64 XP
+9 = 100 XP
+10 = 120 XP
+11 = 140 XP
+12> = 160 XP (max)

XP Modifiers

Party Size

XP is modified depending on the size of the party. This is to avoid mega-groups that hamper, rather than encourage RP, also causing lag and making some fights more dangerous than necessary. It's also in place to mirror the fact that challenges are easier for a larger group. Soloers get less XP since party-play is encouraged on WoC.

Soloer = 50%
2-5 = 100%
6 = 80%
7 = 60%
8 = 40%
9 = 20%
10+ = 0%

Level Gap

XP is also modified based on the highest level party member. This makes it possible for low levels to travel with high levels, but since their challenge is greatly reduced and their level of contribution is in comparison less.
This rule also applies to the highest level PC within a 50 meter radius in order to eliminate the practice of "guardian angels", where higher level PCs travel with lower level groups, aiding them in fights and letting them land the killing blow, thus gaining the XP.

Every PC that is 3 or more levels beyond the highest level gets an XP penalty of a cumulative 20% for every level of difference beyond the first accounted for.

PC level compared to the highest level in the party results in:

3 levels lower: 20% XP penalty
4 levels lower: 40% XP penalty
5 levels lower: 60% XP penalty
6 levels lower: 80% XP penalty
7 levels lower: 100% XP penalty

Minimum XP is always 1, as long as the kill is within your own CR range.

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