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A warrior in prayer
A warrior in prayer

Faith and gods are matters of course in Charun. All inhabitants of the world acknowledge the existence of greater powers and deities. However, all do not actively serve or pray to a god, while others worship numerous deities at once. What ever the case is, it is important to establish your character's view on faith - for it is an influential and important part of Charun.

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The reasons to serving a divine authority can vary dramatically, even within the same faith or philosophy. Players with characters of faith should decide what motivates their characters behaviour, because this can add depth to the characters interaction with others.

True Belief: You believe in the righteousness of your faith’s cause, no other deity, philosophy or way of life “gets it right” the way yours does. The level of this belief can vary from quiet certainty to full zealotry, depending on your characters personality and the nature of his faith. Recent converts fall into this category, as do holy warriors such as paladins and clerics.

Tradition: In many cultures people practice a religion as a matter of course. Individual practitioners probably do not agree with every church precept and may violate church rules when they can get away with it. Traditionalists enjoy the benefits of their religion- holidays, grand ceremonies, or certain ways of thinking – but don’t often concern themselves with the limits it may place on their daily lives. Still they usually view themselves as devoted to the faith and never really think seriously about giving up their religious practice.

Power: Your devotion to the cause gives you power, whether physical, temporal, political or spiritual. This motivation is common amongst leaders, who realize that their acceptance of the faith can aid them in their ascent to (and keeping of) rulership.

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