Fallen Realms of the Third Age

From World of Charun


History written in blood

The Third Age saw a number of realms rise, flourish and fall. Cries of despair echoed side by side with the war cries of the victors.


One of the largest and powerful nations during the Third Age. The uncivilised Dazak and Hillfolk are their descendants.


The traditional homeland of the halflings.


A defeated nation that spawned the cannibals of Kamale.

Kingdom of Kurash

A monarchy that today is reduced to wastes. The Kurashi of today battle for survival in small hamlets.


Once they held the largest and most powerful army in the Western Lands, today the Nar-Agi are counted in hundreds.


Proud carriers of the Narghali legacy of knighthood, the people of Stormwood saw their nation fall. They prevailed and became the Sanctians of today.

Thunder Hall

Once a majestic kingdom, holding the largest population of dwarves in the world. When it fell, it almost brought the race of Mountain Dwarves to extinction.

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