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Charun has always been shaped by player characters, sometimes more or less by accident, and other times through careful plans. Each player character is unique and contributes to the world through spending time in it. The vast majority of them don't end up in Charun's history, due they focus on highly individual goals rather world-changing achievements. Some of them retire before reaching higher levels, and others die in remote locations with their corpses buried in makeshift graves by their comrades. Even though they don't live on in Charun's history, they are remembered by the players themselves, with whom great roleplay moments live on forever.

There are a few characters who have managed to prevail, leaving their mark in the history books of Charun. They are the famous.

Age of Men - Third Age 701 - 913 III

WoC 1 with NWN 1: 2002 - 2005

Amunhet, Founder of the Brightstar Company

Elendil, the Shadow that Stalks

Eothewar Eletheas, High Evoker of Sanctia

Frago "The Great" Farrowbar, Savior of Hillyfield

The Griffin, "Paladin of Randar"

Gregori Coldaxe, Founder of Haven Hall

Jin Tagowa, Nar-Agi mercenary

Lumpy Tichkeck, Founder and first King of the Urwood Nation

Maximillian Stormshield, Black Lion of Slaine

Nathilas, Commander of Scouts in Green Glade

Phillippe-Duc de Montmorency, Last Chancellor of Elmwood

Rasin Lightfeet, Halfling Hero and Arch-Wizard

Romil the Mage, Sorcerer of Garagor

Ruxellius de Larmenius, Founder of Sanctia

Ryziel, Hero of Nar-Ago

Saliya Arsay, Hero of Teardrop

Will Goodman, Martyr of Teardrop

Age of Heroes - Fourth Age 352-367 IV

WoC 2 with NWN 2: 2006 - 2010

Alhmar Ekhard, Narghal/Fearann Communicator

Arathion Brightblade, Knight of Brunir

Bahira, Wizard

Cadman son of Brian, Founder of Fearann and A'Soar.

Gerris D. Drakelgryme, Apothecary of Atalheim

Josephine Babineux, Comtesse of Shadowhold

Fiffa Appleleaf, Saboteur in the Old Land Stand

Hartman Brandeis, Founder of the Old Lands Company

Kathleen, Queen of Atalheim

Kegal, The Shadowmage

Leena Feaf, Saboteur in the Old Land Stand

Montsho, The Dark Priest

Nithila of House Aloel, The Puppetmaster

Randvar Leikrson, King of Atalheim

Sigmundr Hjorverson, Northern Forayer

Tyren Darkstar, Martyr of the Dagger, Chancellor of New Elmwood

Vaeran Theas, Uluthar Warrior-Wizard

Viplav Rajani, Son of Darkness

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