Feral Fen

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A combination of coastal estuaries and bustling wetland, the Feral Fen is positively teeming with life. Located on the western shores of reef ocean, the swamp is remarkable for being home to thousands of species of insects alone, each more bothersome than the last. Additionally, the wetlands formed by the swamp and ocean meeting form a cradle of life that houses fish and shellfish found no where else on the globe. Mighty mangrove trees make navigation of the swamp difficult on foot or by boat, and much of the swamp is unreachable to those unwilling or unable to swim. But the swamp's most significant resident is no doubt the Saurians, who have established their own kingdom of sorts within it.

The Saurians are undisputed masters of their fen, fishing its freshwater estuaries and groves extensively for food. They have little cause for fear within them, as they have adapted supremely for swamp life. In the past, they found themselves subject to Dhazzir slave hunts due to their proximity to the Darkchain Swamp, but quickly proved unsuitable for several reasons. First was the difficulty in capturing live specimens; not only were they difficult to find when they didn't wish to be found, they are also well known for fighting to the death in order to avoid capture. More significant was the Dhazzir's inability to keep the Saurians within the Slave Camp, as it's natural hazards proved little hindrance to the amphibious Saurians. After a while, Dhazzir raids dwindled.

Thanks to their unchallenged status within the region, Saurians have prospered within the swamp, and an estimated several thousand individuals can be found within the Feral Fen.

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