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791-792 III

Rise of Abbadon


The world would not have been the same, if the Warlord Abbadon, alleged son of Garagor, would have prevailed with his plans to conquer Charun in the end of the 8th Century of the Third Age. Never before had the Garagorians come so close to fulfilling the prophecy they had awaited for centuries.

The prophecy foretold the arrival of the Breed of the Pit, a person who would end the Third Age and launch a Fourth Age where the world would be ruled by Garagor and his faithful. Abbadon was said to be the Breed of the Pit, spawned by Garagor and thus his son.

The stories claim that he was given birth to by a human woman in 788 III and that within one year he had grown to manhood through his divine blood. What is known for a fact is that he began infiltrating all the larger nations in Charun in 789 III, through sending spies and preachers to mislead the weak and recruit the strong. The very same year he sent a force of faithful and devils towards Elmwood in an attempt to conquer the nation. After a fierce battle Elmwood stood as the victor. The battle is today known as the “Dance with the Devils”.

Abbadon withdrew from the eye of the world to plan his next move. After two years of mustering forces and preparing, the Warlord himself led his forces towards Kûrash in 791 III, conquering the nation and forcing the King of Kûrash into exile on the Three Isles. Abbadon declared the kingdom of Kûrash defeated and brought down the royal castle, building him a new fortress. The Warlord called his new realm “the cradle of what the future would bring”.

King Kûduk, the exiled ruler of Kûrash, attacked Abbadon and his forces on the 14th of Airin 792 III in an attempt to liberate the nation, but he was defeated and forced to retreat. Simultaneously in Elmwood over three dozen heroes had gathered to discuss the development and a decision was taken that would come to change everything. The next day, on the 15th of Airin, these heroes from all around Charun had gathered in Borderwood Inn, determined to defeat Abbadon, or die trying. King Kûduk of Kûrash joined them, and together they headed towards Kûrash Town where the warlord and his forces were found.

Liberation of Kûrash

Later that day, after nightfall, the heroes arrived to Kûrash Town. They encountered the foe and suffered heavy losses, but nothing seemed to stop them. Priests attended to the wounded so they could press on. The Warlord from Hell had to be defeated! They fought their way up to the hill where Abbadon’s fortress lay, surrounded by faithful of Garagor and devils. Fire rained from the sky upon the attackers, as the allies of evil mustered all their power in an attempt to protect their master. At his point dead littered the streets. Ten dozen spellcasters bombarded each other with prayers and spells, while steel cut flesh and bone.

After charging into a temple of Garagor and slaying the priests within, the heroes managed to open the great doors leading into the fortress of the Warlord. Inside they faced a charging horde of nightmarish demons from the depths of the Abyss. Chaos and panic erupted in the narrow passage leading in with many being stuck between the walls and their companions, unable to fight. Not until the determined voice of the King of Kûrash urged them to press onwards, did they manage to break through the foe.

The heroes fought they way through to a podium where the Warlord sat on his throne. The mayhem turned to silence, as they heroes gathered before and around Abbadon the Destroyer. The Warlord from Hell stood up without speaking a word and drew his sword, a mighty blade of pitch black steel. There was no sign of fear or doubt in him, even though he faced the mightiest heroes of Charun. King Kûduk broke the silence and stepped forth, calling out to all around that the abomination was his to slay, and that no one is to interfere. The honour of Kûrash was to be reinstated. With that he screamed a war cry and charged the armoured figure before him. The fight was over before it had begun. Abbadon brought down his sword with unearthly strength right on top the kings head, cutting him in half.

The Fall of Abbadon

Ragilam de Bruvier slays Abbadon
Ragilam de Bruvier slays Abbadon

Everything seemed to stand still, as the heroes stared at the imposing figure that towered over the remains of King Kûduk. For a short moment their hearts were filled with doubt, but their cause gave them strength, and with a deafening roar they threw themselves upon the Warlord. A fierce fighting erupted, with the son of Garagor cutting down hero after hero, seeming nearly invincible.

It is said that the great Brunir watched the battle and saw the spawn of his archenemy on his way to defeating the mortals on whom the hope of Charun depended on, for when all seemed dark and hopeless, a knight of the Overlord stepped forth with his holy sword in hand. Ragilam de Bruvier engaged the Warlord of evil in combat, who began pounding his mighty blade upon the knight. Nearly dead, Ragilam gathered his last strength, said a prayer and rammed his sword towards the chest of Abbadon. The holy blade cut through the armour and found its way into the dark, evil heart pounding within. The son of Garagor stopped and dropped his sword. He stood still, as if trying to understand what had happened. Then, in a blast of hellish fire, he vanished, leaving his helmet, sword and a smoking suit of armour behind. Suddenly the whole castle began shaking violently. Everyone began running out, and the stories claim that someone even managed to grab the dropped belongings of Abbadon. Soon thereafter the entire throneroom vanished in a huge vortex, as did everyone who did not manage to escape it. These heroes became known as the Lost Heroes, and some of them actually reappeared more than a hundred years later, claiming to have been transported to Hell along with the throneroom.

Thus was the fate of Charun changed, but Abbadon was to return with his devastating Second Crusade that finally ended the Third Age, and launched the Cataclysm.

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