Fourth Age

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Age of Heroes

Many of the Kingdoms of old are shattered and left in ruins
Many of the Kingdoms of old are shattered and left in ruins

Time Period: Ongoing

The first centuries saw the world weakened in the aftermath of the Cataclysm. Individual power and skill was valued more than ever and one sword was capable of accomplishing what armies were needed for earlier. Lone heroes founded realms and were able to bring destruction to such, since there were no huge armies to stand in their way. Every small group that had clustered together in an attempt to survive needed champions of great skill to help them face the dangers surrounding them.

The world has slowly healed and repaired itself today, and human nations have once again reached power and populations seen in the Third Age. Everything is not the same as in the Third Age, though. With the destruction brought by the Cataclysm, many things besides realms and lives were lost. Iron ore mines are rare and craftsmen possessing the knowledge of properly turning iron into steel are even rarer. This has resulted in bronze becoming a common material used in armour, tools, and weapons. Steel is valuable and some consider it priceless, worth even more than gold. The lore of enchanting items has been lost into the past with most artefacts being clever forgeries or rare items hailing from the earlier Ages. Few priests of true faith and devotion exist and many are in the service of New Powers that are gaining attention as deities across the world.


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